Monday, 2015-07-13

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vmrod25hi team :)20:07
vmrod25question , how many watts a minnow max should consume with no load ?20:07
vmrod25I mean a core image minimal20:07
vmrod25around ?? 2 Watts ?20:08
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bcranvmrod25: less than that I'd think?20:47
vmrod25i dont knwo bcran20:49
vmrod25I am guessing20:49
vmrod25I dont know if someone has already measure it20:49
bcranI'd *guess* around 0.5W20:49
vmrod25really ?20:51
vmrod25that is too slow20:51
vmrod25I was showing my porject today with the RnD institute and just for sayi a number I said 1 1.5 W20:52
vmrod25* 1 / 1.5 W20:52
vmrod25and even there they were impress20:52
bcranjust tested with my KillAWatt: the entire board takes 4.3W when in the UEFI Shell20:53
bcranAnd that doesn't do any sort of hlt or CPU power saving20:53
* vmrod25 wil buy one of those 20:54
vmrod25Kill-A-Watt Electric Usage Monitor P3 International P3-P4400 ?20:54
bcranMODEL: P4460.01 KILL A WALL(TM) EZ20:55
bcran*WATT, not WALL :D20:55
warthog9ohhh man I wanted to see a kill a wall21:04
warthog9bcran,, vmrod25: it might be useful to add those numbers to the wiki if you don't mind sharing those (and how you tested / setup)21:05
vmrod25yes I was looking at the wiki at first place21:05
vmrod25question do we have minnow max with phoronix ?21:05
bcranvmrod25: says standby power usage is in the milliwatt range21:06
warthog9vmrod25: do they have one, or the phoronix test suite thing21:06
vmrod25bcran: so .... let me see if I understand21:08
vmrod25the thermal design power is the top that the core can reach right?21:09
bcranvmrod25: yup21:09
vmrod25yea we might get the number with all the minnow max21:09
bcranof course you'll also need to take into consideration any USB, SATA etc. peripherals which will drive the number up21:10
vmrod25I will look for the killawatt21:10
vmrod25I agree with you21:10
bcranKill A Watt is basically a household name in the US from what I understand21:11
bcranAmazon has 4.5 stars and 2355 reviews on it21:11
vmrod25we might get some good reviws21:13
vmrod25and also ways to brag how cool the board is :)21:13
vmrod25thanks bcran I will go tot best buy or radioshak to get one .. is nothing acurate but might work for now21:14
vmrod25just like that :D21:15
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