Sunday, 2015-07-19

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freqwarthog9: will there be another minnowboard?04:49
warthog9freq: not much I can say on future products04:51
warthog9but the team has grown, we've got dedicated hardware resources04:51
freqthat's really cool!04:52
freqi use my max religiously04:53
freqit's a 24/7 zero problems board04:53
freqi wanted to share it w/ the company i work for to replace all of the aging core duos in the call center04:55
freqif i could get them to, it would be an awesome spotlight for the board04:55
freqi can't promise anything. i just know how good these really are.04:56
freqi know that every one of them would need a case.04:56
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handofstandHello, can anyone help with with flashing Coreboot onto the Minnowboard Max with a Buspirate v3?18:52
handofstandI just have some questions about which pins of the connectors ( ) to connect to the SPI header ( )?18:57
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handofstandcalculus do you have experience with using SPI headers to flash firmware?19:05
tbrI'd start by reading the flash :)19:06
handofstandHow do you mean?19:06
prpplaguehandofstand: the flashrom utility can read and write to the flash19:07
prpplaguehandofstand: if you can read from the flash you have things wired correctly19:07
handofstandOkay, I guess that's a start19:07
prpplaguehandofstand: iirc flashrom website has a pinout info for buspirate19:07
handofstandSo just to confirm, one pin off won't burn out the circuit?19:07
prpplaguehandofstand: well if you put the wrong voltage in, yea , you run the risk of damaging something19:08
handofstandWhat pin does DDP_1V8 correspond to?19:08
prpplague1.8V  power source19:09
handofstandWhat about DDP_IO3L19:09
handofstandI tried to look at Dediprog's website but there are thousands of pages to read through and I didn't get anything by searching through the PDFs.19:10
handofstandIs that HOLD (IO3)?19:11
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prpplaguehandofstand: but it lookslike the bus pirate only supports 3.3 and 519:15
prpplaguehandofstand: not 1.8v19:15
* prpplague looks19:15
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handofstandOh...well I guess I was looking at the Minnowboard's page, and not the Minnowboard Max.19:24
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prpplaguehandofstand: there is a low cost tool coming to the public soon that will replicae dediprog functionality and work with flashrom19:27
handofstandWhat is it called?19:27
prpplaguehandofstand: it's not release yet19:27
prpplaguehandofstand: but will be at the end of august19:28
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handofstandWhere can I find more information about it?19:28
prpplaguehandofstand: it's not posted yet19:28
handofstandWhere can I find news about it?19:28
prpplaguehandofstand: it's not posted yet19:28
prpplaguehandofstand: if you really want to do something before then, have a look at the supported programmers for flashrom that support 1.8V operations19:29
handofstandIs this the page?:
handofstand"Dediprog and Flyswatter devices have been tested and verified to work with this"19:42
handofstandSo this will work?
handofstand"Supports target system voltages of: 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.2V (voltage range: 1.2V to 3.6V)"19:43
prpplaguehandofstand: flyswatter219:43
prpplaguehandofstand: flyswatter1 doesn't support 3.3V19:44
prpplaguesorry 1.8V19:44
handofstandMmmm okay, thanks.19:44
prpplaguehandofstand: flyswatter1 doesn't support 1.8V19:44
tbrhaven't used my buspirate in a while, but didn't it have an input for vref?19:47
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prpplaguetbr: yea, just found some info on that19:47
prpplaguetbr: looks like it has a target voltage input19:48
tbrit can only generate some voltages internally19:48
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tbrI once had to fix a SPI eeprom and remember cross-connecting a pin with some voltage to another19:48
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bcranGood news about the new tool: I could only get the SF100 to work in Windows, despite building flashrom with support it never worked for me20:08
handofstandWow...that's pretty shit of Dediprog.20:11
bcranWell, I don't know how widely-used the SF100 is, but Intel seem to mostly work on Windows20:13
bcranSeems support for building UEFI on Linux is largely a community-supported effort20:13
handofstandWell I want to replace the UEFI with coreboot, I already built coreboot now I just need to get a Flyswatter2 and figure it out.20:14
handofstandSourceforge is still down so I can't do any more research on OpenOCD right now, but thank you prpplague for your help and for pointing me in the right direction.  I need to do a lot more research next time and read more carefully.20:25
wmathandofstand: there's github repos20:27
handofstandAnd I just found
handofstandBut thank you guys, I appreciate the information.20:28
handofstandSee you later!20:28
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calculushmm... ESC Silicon Valley is this week, is there going to be a minnowboard presence?22:13
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