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zentrumhmm, how do i start a 32 bit OS without support for EFI?15:05
zentrummy idea was to put corebios onto the minnowboard and try it again?15:05
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warthog9zentrum: 2 ways to get a 32-bit OS onto the MinnowBoard MAX: (1) switch to a 32-bit UEFI (images are available) (2) switch to a legacy bios (I.E. Coreboot w/ SeaBios)18:07
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ahollerthere is another way, you can just run 32-bit-userland with a 64bit-kernel20:00
ahollerI've did that during a long time when the transition from 32bit to 64bit happened20:01
warthog9zentrum: --^20:25
aholleralso there are some very rare tools which are getting confused by this.20:29
ahollermostly developer related stuff which checks the kernel20:30
warthog9I don't know if there's a good way *TO* check the userspace vs. kernel environment20:35
ahollerthere is, but I don't remember and would have to look up20:37
ahollerI still use sometimes 32bit in VMs and containers when I'm only giving them mem below 4gb20:42
warthog9there's some advantage to a 64-bit kernel w/ 32-bit user space20:49
warthog9extra registers if nothing else20:49
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georgemwhat is the firmware that ships on the MBM? coreboot + edk2?21:14
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prpplaguegeorgem: UEFI/EDK2 + FSP21:20
georgemah ok21:22
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warthog9georgem, prpplague: errr what ships doesn't have FSP, it uses a different set of binary blobs22:10
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warthog9it's functionally equivalent to FSP though22:10
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tripzerois there a special module for i2c like there is for spi?23:20
tripzerokernel* module?23:20
prpplaguetripzero: i2c-char23:21
prpplaguetripzero: for userspace?23:21
prpplaguetripzero: is that what you mean?23:21
tripzerofor user space23:25
tripzeromodule i2c_char not found23:26
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