Thursday, 2015-07-30

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mdpand success after some fixups so the dsdt actually compiles11:55
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remonHi there, anyone that runs CoreOS on a Minnowboard Max?18:14
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CyanoticAxolotlnah but i'm going to run gentoo with uClibc once the minnowboard arrives19:24
CyanoticAxolotlofc compiling on another machine19:24
CyanoticAxolotltried the yocto project but it was too complicated for what i want to achieve19:24
warthog9remon: should be doable, though I haven't heard of anyone trying yet19:25
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remon@warthog9 well I have CoreOS running fine, however when I disconnect the power supply and reconnect it after a few seconds and let it boot it fails to mount the root partition, check disk error, when I manually execute a check disk and reboot the system it works again until I removed the power :-(19:39
warthog9unclean shutdown?19:41
warthog9remon: what filesystem is it using?19:42
warthog9(quick glance seems to indicate that it's supposed to be btrfs, but worth double checking)19:42
remon@warthog9 no a normal shutdown (shutdown -h now) and waited a few second before removing the power supply19:43
remon@warthog9 it's partition 9  EXT4 (
warthog9and you say on boot it tries to fsck, fails and only a manual fsck fixes it?19:45
warthog9how's your storage attached? sata, usb, sd, msata?19:45
* tbr suspects it to be rtc related (the fsck trigger)19:45
warthog9that's possible19:45
tbras in "OMG time travel! better fsck!"19:45
warthog9ext4 doesn't like clock drift much19:46
tbrminnow resets to last year or 2000 IIRC?19:46
remon@warthog9 yes that's correct it tries to do a check that goes wrong ;-) but manually it will work, it;s a mSATA SSD19:47
warthog9remon: it might be a clock issue as tbr is suggesting19:47
warthog9I *THINK* I'm using btrfs everywhere right now19:48
warthog9which isn't as dependent on the clock for consistency checking19:48
remon@warthog9 will check it right now19:48
* warthog9 assumes tbr is using something other than ext* as well19:48
tbron the minnow I'm going with random FSs that come with images19:49
tbrmostly seems to be still ext3 and ext419:49
warthog9I wonder if coreos doesn't setup the fsck flags to just deal with a major clock change19:50
warthog9not that a major clock change is "good" but it's not that uncommon19:50
warthog9rtc's are useful but not entirely reliable19:50
tbrif the system is configured properly it will have the "doctor-who" bit set that indicates possible RTC badness19:50
remon@warthog9 Could be time related, just did a test and the time is now at 06/19/201519:52
warthog9yeah a reboot should be fine19:53
warthog9a cold boot it'll likely force an fsck19:53
warthog9the rtc is fixable if you don't mind voiding your warranty and are passable with a soldering iron19:53
remon@warthog9 yes with a reboot it keeps the correct time, however when I disconnect the power it goes back to 06/19/201519:54
remon@warthog9 well I will try BTRFS instead of EXT4 maybe that helps ;-)19:55
tbrremon: you'd just need to pass the time-travel option19:56
tbrso that it ignores that19:56
CyanoticAxolotlcan you disable auto-fsck on the kernel menuconfig?19:57
remon@tbr uhm do you know how?19:57
remon@CyanoticAxolotl will try that19:58
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