Sunday, 2015-08-02

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handofstandHi, I have a question about the Minnowboard Max.  It is about the SPI header on the board.00:28
handofstandCan someone help me understand the pins and what they represent on the SPI header?  ( is down right now but you can see the pins from Google's cache: )00:29
handofstandI do not understand what the "DDP_IO3L" pin should be connected to on the Flyswatter2 programmer.00:31
handofstandIs anyone familiar with flashing using an SPI programmer?01:14
handofstand"TDI" corresponds to "DDP_SPI_MOSI", "TDO" corresponds to "DDP_SPI_MISO", "VTRef" corresponds to "DDP_SPI_CS", "Vsupply" corresponds to "DDP_1V8", and "TCK" corresponds to "DDP_SPI_CLK",right? (according to this PDF for the Flyswatter2's pin assignments: )01:22
handofstandBut I don't know what corresponds to "DDP_IO3L".01:22
handofstandCan someone help me make sense of this SF100 manual, it says what the I03L pin does but lumps it with 3 other pins, and does no denote which one does what, is there any danger if it is one of these other pin assignments, in connecting a pin to the Flyswatter2 programmer I have? :
handofstandWell the only other person I can think of to ask is Dediprog and they're not gonna help me, so I guess I will have to RMA the MinnowMax.  I'm not running UEFI on it.01:57
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bcranwarthog9: in case you don't already know, is down - "Cannot contact the database server"02:23
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tbrbcran: the database is being restored and should be back soon™05:19
tbrand it's back05:51
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SixxxHi everyone, has anyone successfully added a sata / raid card via PCIe?10:49
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NullMoogleCablecan a original minnow run win 10?18:26
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wmatbcran: sorry, elinux was down over the weekend. This stuff always happens when I go away for a few days.  Anyway, OSUOSL has restored the databases and everything is back up.21:42
wmatNullMoogleCable: I don't know, as I don't have an original MB, but give it a shot21:43
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CyanoticMinnowi benchmarked it21:48
CyanoticMinnowi was amazed, it outperforms the Raspberry Pi 2 B. you guys are up to something good :D21:49
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CyanoticMinnowkeep it up. higher pricetag doesn't matter. you're onto somethin.21:49
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CyanoticAxolotleh though i compiled one of the tests with march=silvermont21:51
CyanoticAxolotlmight try that test again without that optimization21:51
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