Monday, 2015-08-03

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gahseyfanfor should I just edit spi-pxa2xx.c with the proposed change, or is there a cool way to pull in that patch with git?02:20
yoctiBug 7267: normal, Medium, 1.9, dvhart, ACCEPTED , unable to switch SPI SS to active-high in a board file02:20
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bcranwmat: no problem - thanks03:30
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tripzerogood morning world14:40
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CyanoticAxolotlhello :)14:55
CyanoticAxolotlactually the benchmarks i did didn't use march=silvermont but i might retry it with those flags14:55
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mdpok, in my quest to support acpi instantiation for a driver to run on both MB and DT enabled platforms, I tried to register a vendor ACPI ID for my SPI part and found out that the UEFI Forum won't, "for obvious reasons", register an ACPI ID unless the request comes from that company.15:59
mdpfun stuff, so I guess we upstream drivers and maybe have to change the match table later if the vendor decides to register a different ID16:00
tbrcould devicetree help here?16:50
mdpnot here, but you are correct that adding a vendor ID is much easier there ;)16:58
mdpthe ASWG chair is being very responsive though, so it's going ok.16:58
mdpI think they have a policy and procedure that doesn't fit in well with how we are going to use ACPI16:59
mdpbut that's understandable since it's PC driven16:59
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CyanoticAxolotlis the zoomed HDMI out on a MinnowBoard Max a result of that phase thingy bug?19:33
CyanoticAxolotllike the picture appears zoomed in on an HDTV19:33
givemefive911did you turn overscan off on your tv19:39
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CyanoticAxolotlhold on19:39
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warthog9NullMoogleCable: v1 Minnow: VERY unlikely20:15
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tripzeroprpplague: !20:26
tripzerodo you remember that i2c command you told me to write a few weeks ago?20:27
tripzerooddly, i2cdetect 7 says:20:27
tripzeroError: Can't use SMBus Quick Write command on this bus20:27
prpplaguetripzero: you have to use the correct flags with the commnad20:27
prpplaguetripzero: i2cdetect -y -a -r 720:28
tripzero-r works... but I wonder if I can't write, then that may be why mraa fails20:28
prpplaguetripzero: does that show the device?20:28
tripzeroyes, it shows my device20:34
tripzeroat 0x40 where I expect it20:34
tripzeroprpplague: mraa fails with this: writeByte: mraa_i2c_write_byte() failed.20:35
tripzeroMRAA: Invalid Handle.20:35
tripzerolemme test reading with mraa..20:35
prpplaguetripzero: does it work with i2cget and i2cget?20:35
tripzeroi2cget appears to work20:38
tripzeroi2cset also appears to work... hmmm20:42
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warthog9tripzero: the smbus errors are because the kernel driver itself doesn't have smbus support21:25
* warthog9 needs to add some info to the wiki on the i2c stuff he ran into a couple of weeks ago with regards to smbus21:26
CyanoticAxolotlso here's the gist. this TV is from 2005 so i can't overscan adjust for the life of me.21:51
warthog9CyanoticAxolotl: ohhhh I had a problem with that on a TV last year in Dusseldorf21:58
warthog9there was a setting in the TV that fixed it, and now I'm trying to remember what it was21:58
CyanoticAxolotlthere's no setting on this one and my family probs lost the remote21:58
warthog9losing the remote complictes things22:00
warthog9there was some setting, it was completely non-obvious too22:01
warthog9but I've run into it a couple of times since then22:01
warthog9and if I had a TV in front of me with the problem I could likely find the setting again, but for the life of me I don't remember *WHAT* it is22:01
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CyanoticAxolotlyea x transform aint playing nicely22:12
CyanoticAxolotlwe need a new tv22:12
CyanoticAxolotland i pick it so it doesn't sound like a tin can like the other tv22:12
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warthog9CyanoticAxolotl: yeah, x transform is awesome, but horrendously complex22:18
CyanoticAxolotlx transform and i3 don't mix22:24
CyanoticAxolotlprobs gonna do some stuff on my minnowboard hold on22:24
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smurraywarthog9: on a bunch of Sony LCD TVs, you set "Picture Mode" to "Full Pixel"22:59
warthog9smurray: that sounds about right23:00
warthog9I think the option I had to find was like "computer monitor" or something like that23:00
warthog9NullMoogleCable: not sure you saw it, but no I don't think win10 will run on a v123:00
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givemefive911CyanoticAxolotl: some hdtvs can't have overscan disabled.  I know the PI has some options to shrink the display, I'm not sure if it's written into the gpu or if it's easily portable.23:36
warthog9why we continue with overscan in today's day and age I don't understand23:40
CyanoticMinnowit's from 200523:42
CyanoticMinnowwho'd use an HDTV with a computer during 200523:42
* warthog9 raises his hand23:43
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givemefive911warthog9: it's dumb but there's still a few channels on some providers that glitch in the overscan regions.  I don't notice it very much anymore though23:45
givemefive911AARP crew would probably think their tv was broken23:46
CyanoticMinnowa 3.6GHz Pentium 4 is the equivalent of the SoC onboard the MinnowBoard MAX based on CPUBenchmark statistics. and those 3.6GHz P4 PCs were loud as heck, had one of them when i was quite young, like 10 or something.23:47
givemefive911silent pc review originated back in that time.  I have a quiet computer ;)23:48
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CyanoticMinnowhow does one even get a silent P4 computer that performs good23:54
CyanoticMinnowwell in the mid 2000's when P4 was a thing23:55
CyanoticMinnowman still i'm just amazed that after 10 years equivalent-power (Pentium4 to modern-day Celeron) computers became cheaper, quieter...23:59
CyanoticMinnowtime flies23:59

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