Monday, 2015-08-10

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freqsilverjaw lure ftw04:24
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bradfawithin Linux, does the USB 3.0 port on minnow max work correctly?11:28
ahollerwhy do you ask?12:08
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ahollerhmm, u-boot and dts for the mwm, funny. ;)12:15
bradfaaholler, even x86 gets dts love in u-boot land :)12:16
bradfaaholler, although there's no reason linux couldn't use dt for x86, I believe one intel cpu supports booting with it12:16
ahollermaybe not everything is lost then ;)12:17
bradfaaholler, although there is a gsoc to add acpi ability to u-boot, for x86, so it can pass proper acpi data to Linux12:17
bradfalikely could be reused on aargh64, too12:18
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bradfahow bad of an idea is it to run an E3825 without a heatsink?14:32
ahollerat saturday we've had 45°C here (in the shadow)14:40
ahollerso besides distributing heat-spots on the chip a heatsink might not help much ;)14:41
bradfaaholler, :)14:50
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ahollerunfortunately such temperatures aren't really funny. Especially without a missing ocean or a similiar pool beneath and no real cooling down at night16:10
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