Thursday, 2015-08-20

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freqwarthog9: thanks04:09
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cbrakeHi, I just built oe-core/angstrom/meta-intel master for intel-corei7-64, installed to both SD card and USB disk.  When I run bootx64, the system hangs, there is no more output after that.13:47
cbrakeI tried updating the FW to MinnowBoard.MAX_.X64.082.R01 -- no change13:48
cbrakeI have confirmed that the board will boot Ubuntu from a USB disk -- that seems to work fine13:48
* cbrake looks for a prebuilt image that I could test ...13:50
tbrcbrake: are you also looking at serial console output?13:56
cbrakeno, checking that ...13:57
cbrakesame thing there:13:58
cbrakeFS0:\> \EFI\BOOT\bootx64.efi13:58
cbrakeguess I could try a fido build -- perhaps something is broke in master?13:59
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tbrmaybe koen knows something14:28
koencbrake: khem ran into that exact issue last night14:29
koencbrake: I suspect the mkefiscript doesn't handle gummiboot properly14:29
koenit was 2am when khem mentioned it, so I forgot the details14:30
koencat /boot/loader/loader.conf14:30
koentimeout 114:30
koencbrake: that should pop up a menu in gummiboot, if that doesn't happen gummiboot is defective14:31
koenkhem is at plumbers, so he might be slow to reply14:33
tbralso it's rather early in the morning there. isn't it?14:36
cbrakekoen: yeah, no gummiboot menu14:37
koenso it looks like gummiboot broke14:39
koena workaround would be to add a startup.nsh with 'bzImage.efi root=/dev/mmcblk ro foo bar baz'14:40
koenmight need to rename the bzimage/vmlinux14:40
koenthe intel BIOS only executes it if it ends in .efi14:40
koenexactly like DOS14:40
cbrakeis gummiboot the bootx64.efi, or the vmlinuz file?14:41
koengummiboot is the bootx86.efi14:42
koenvmlinuz should be the kernel14:42
koensince the kernel has the EFI stub by default you don't need a bootloader14:42
koenbut like I said, you need to rename it to end in ".efi"14:42
cbrakeok, trying ...14:43
koenI keep repeating that since that cost me a week to figure out :)14:43
koenI'll be afk till tuesday, don't hesitate to cc: the angstrom devel list14:44
cbrakekoen: thanks for the help14:44
cbrakeyeah, that got the kernel running :-)14:45
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cbrakeshould the serial console work with the EFI FW, as in I can type commands into EFI shell using serial console?14:50
cbrakecurrently I'm only seeing output14:50
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cbrakeafter disabling the serial console in the linux command line, I'm now booting to login on the tty0]15:04
cbrake* tty015:04
cbrakewonder if we could just use systemd-boot instead of gummiboot ...15:06
cbrakehmm, serial input does not work at Linux login prompt either15:13
* cbrake tries another serial adapter ...15:13
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cbrakeworks now, must have been a bad USB serial adapter -- strange15:18
koencbrake: yeah, long-term we need to switch to systemd-boot15:18
koennot sure if the oe-core systemd is new enough for that15:18
koenis it still v219?15:18
cbrakelooking ...15:18
cbrakeyes, v219 is what built for me from yesterday's master bits15:20
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calculusprpplague: morning16:35
prpplaguecalculus: hey bud!16:35
calculusprpplague: are we still on for today?16:47
prpplaguecalculus: not sure yet16:47
prpplaguecalculus: i should know by noon16:47
calculusprpplague: ok, when you find out you can text me if that is more convient16:49
prpplaguecalculus: yep will do!16:49
prpplaguecalculus: sorry it's been super busy16:49
jimt1prpplague: "super busy" is good!16:51
prpplaguejimt1: hehe16:51
prpplaguejimt1: within limits16:51
jimt1prpplague: well, not 24x7x365, but … "some"16:52
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prpplaguecalculus: ping17:36
calculusprpplague: pong18:03
calculusoh, I guess you ended up texting me18:04
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