Friday, 2015-08-21

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cpriorHello everybody. I have a new MinnowBoard Max which was not not used so far. By accident I plugged in a 12V power supply for about 15 seconds. I don't have a 5V power supply right now, only next tuesday. What are my chances that I fried the board?15:51
cpriorWith the 12V power supply the LED at D2 was blinking.15:52
smurraycprior: it's very likely you fried it16:00
cpriorHmpf. I'll prepare to re-order then.16:02
smurraytry it with a 5V supply, if you don't get both LEDs, then it's definitely fried from what I've been told16:03
cpriorI'll check next week, as a weekend commuter my stuff is scattered around ;) I better expect nothing then...16:07
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warthog9cprior: well plugging in 12v (pretty sure) voids the warranty, it's possible that you only fried one component so you might be able to recover it if you are comfortable soldering tiny components18:09
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