Sunday, 2015-08-23

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chrcerI've attached my HDMI touch screen to my minnowboard max, but I'm not getting a display00:38
chrcerI've attached it to other HDMI outputs, and they work00:38
chrcerI've also checked the touch screen. It is fine.00:39
chrcerSo there's an issue with the relationship between this touchscreen and the MinnowBoard Max00:39
chrcerThe touchscreen is an old version of this:!/10-universal-LCD-with-HDMI-interface-and-capacitive-multi-touch/p/42545413/category=309486100:40
chrcerActually, here's the right one:!/10-LCD-LVDS-bundle-with-capacitive-touchscreen-RaspberryPi-REFURBISHED/p/14647624/category=309486100:41
chrcerI know LVDS isn't supported, but I have an adapter00:41
chrcer(the one that came with the touchscreen)00:42
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