Tuesday, 2015-08-25

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sjg1warthog9: hi02:57
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warthog9sjg1: see my e-mail?05:28
warthog9sjg1: short version is, final reviews for gsoc are due05:33
sjg1Yes, I  my list for tomorrow05:40
warthog9wheee I've got the home server, and two of the primary access points up!06:00
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JosejulioHello, I got myself a Minnowboard max, I tried it on my tv (micro-hdmi to hdmi) + usb hub for keyboard, mouse and usb, works great! However I don't have access all the time to the tv, and got a spare monitor that supports VGA and DVI, tried a micro-hdmi to vga and got no output (read somewhere that it doesn't work well), so i got myself a hdmi to dvi-d, it displays, but when i connect the keyboard with the hub, it doesn't wor14:59
JosejulioIt does however work with the keyboard connected directly, but i need the hub so i can connect usb stick + keyboard + mouse. The power supply is 2.5A, 5V. Do you think that i need a bigger power supply or what could i try? Sorry if I'm asking on the wrong place.15:01
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programmerqJosejulio: you could try using a powered usb hub if you're worried about power consumption.15:59
programmerqa keyboard+mouse+usb drive should have fairly low power requirements though16:00
JosejulioYes, it works well when using a hdmi to microhdmi on my tv (keyboard+mouse+usb), do you know if the hdmi to dvi requires fairly more power?16:01
xkonni2.5A should be more than enough16:08
rZrJosejulio: yea I read that fw upgrade could fix it16:43
rZrJosejulio: but for some reason on my setup (hdmi to dvi)  fails to display efi text ... but once kernel is initialiazing display it's fine16:44
rZrJosejulio: there is a chapter about it on wiki16:44
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JosejulioThanks all, i did a firmware upgrade to "MinnowBoard MAX 0.82 64-Bit: Release"(http://firmware.intel.com/projects/minnowboard-max) and the issue is still present16:49
JosejulioBut the issue still persists, i also tried with a beaglebone black (same setup) and it works well.16:49
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rZrJosejulio, is the bug reported somewhere else than on wiki ?16:51
Josejulioon the Minnowboard, i get video, if i connect the keyboard directly, i can see the EFI settings, the issue is when connecting the usb hub, i might try a powered usb hub.16:51
rZrmine had the issue without hub16:55
JosejuliorZr, i saw the bug that you talk about being reported on the wiki (dvi only working when the kernel loads): "...some monitors not being able to display from the MinnowBoard MAX...   DVI detection and initialization. A work around is.."16:55
* rZr nods16:55
JosejulioHowever, that bug doesn't *seem* to affect me, the display seems to works correctly, i just can't connect multiple devices to my board16:56
Josejuliowithout hub the keyboard works fine, with hub + keyboard, keyboard doesn't work (but it still displays well the efi shell)16:57
rZrI had 2 devices : usbstorage and keyboard16:58
JosejulioMaybe the hub is my problem, i'll try other.17:10
JosejulioThank you17:10
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rZrJosejulio, you're welcome ... that's something to track18:08
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warthog9Josejulio: did you get that figured out? (still reading back)18:17
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JosejulioHello warthog9, not yet, I couldn't find any other hub, i'll try to get one tomorrow19:53
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warthog9Josejulio: yeah, I would suspect it's just a brown out issue20:07
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warthog9either a powered up, to move at least some of the power draw away from the Minnow's barrel connector, or a larger power supply to the Minnow should likely fix it20:07
JosejulioWhat's the max power supply that it supports?20:09
warthog9Josejulio: at the barrel connector?20:12
warthog9or off the pins?20:12
jimt1just a small joke20:13
Josejulioat the barrel connector20:13
prpplaguethe barrel connector is rated for 5Amps20:13
jimt1the power supply doesn't have to support any more than the board will draw.20:13
jimt1likely that something else will go 'pop' long before the barrel connector has 5A going through it.20:14
JosejulioThank you20:14
warthog9Josejulio: yeah, I've got an 8A on my desk, but I also power multiple boards and/or leds and crazy things from it20:15
warthog9haven't had any problems20:15
JosejulioCurrently I'm using 2Amps, might try to get something bigger or the powered hub20:15
warthog9hmmm speaking of which there's something I just remembered I needed to check20:15
warthog9Josejulio: yeah, 2A is probably a little on the weak side with a bunch of USB stuff20:16
JosejulioThanks for your support, i'll try it :)20:17
warthog9Josejulio: doing what we can :-)20:18
warthog9if you keep having problems, give us another shout we'll try and help troubleshoot it some more20:18
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rZrwarthog9, hi, does powersupply fully explain weak hdmi signal at boot time ?23:07
warthog9it could be a symptom23:07
warthog9you seeing anything else?23:08
rZrwarthog9, I have "an unsupported" dvi LCD screen but I managed it to show the progress bar once on boot23:08
rZrbut it only happend once ... I could have no usb devices on it at that time23:08
warthog9what psu are you using?23:08
rZrI dont remember23:08
rZr5V@2A one23:09
rZror 2.5A23:09
rZrI have to check ... I think it was the shipped one23:09
warthog92A maybe23:09
warthog92.5A you should be ok23:09
warthog9board doesn't ship with a psu23:09
rZrI might have an other one to compare23:09
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rZrI could make deeper test on latest released fw to make sure and report it here23:10
warthog9that would be helpful23:11
warthog9it could just be the weak hdmi signal23:11
warthog9and your one time it spiked just enough to get moving23:11
rZrbut kernel's video signal is fine23:12
rZrtalking about this bug23:14
rZrdo you have connection with VirtualBios team ?23:14
rZrI am trying to report that I cant use my NUC bios on an other VGA screen23:15
rZrsince it requires a higher resolution ... this is lame23:15
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warthog9rZr: so once the kernel comes up the video works?23:24
rZryea absolutely23:26
rZr100% of the times23:27
rZrthat's why I was suspicious about the psu23:27
rZrI mean I am less suspicious on psu than you are ;)23:28
rZrwarthog9, I could also compare behavior with other SBC I own on the same screen23:31
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