Monday, 2015-08-31

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prpplagueysionneau: no but i will find out about it00:14
prpplaguejimt2: ping00:14
prpplagueysionneau: ping jimt2 for questions00:15
prpplagueysionneau: he might be able to help you!00:15
ysionneauok, thanks so much :)00:19
prpplagueysionneau: minnowboard is a very close and very inclusive community00:20
prpplagueysionneau: not like dealing with a distant business or organization00:21
prpplagueysionneau: so contacting and talking to people making things for minnowboard is easy00:21
ysionneauvery cool!00:25
ysionneauI'd like to say so far the max board works very good for me00:25
ysionneaulow power, no fan (no noise), x86 so compatible with all linux software out there00:25
ysionneauI use it as a home server, hosting my personal email server (opensmtpd)00:25
ysionneauonly issue for now is the light emitted by the LEDs :p00:26
ysionneaugoing to sleep now, but staying on the channel :) see you! gn800:27
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freqwould i be safe to run this board in my dashboard of my car02:32
freqit should run at about 70C all of the time02:32
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chrisbowHi I have a MinnowboardMax with Win 10 IoT. I need to trigger a webcam and over GPIO a LED cyclical. 15Hz would be the max desired frequency. I use VS 2015 and C#. Is it correct that there is no Timer on the Minnowboard and so I have to do it with the capabilities the .NET framework offers in software? What would be best practise for this?09:22
tbrwhat do you mean by "no timer"?09:29
chrisbowI mean hardware timer like on some microcontrolelrs, with registers to configure and then they fire an interrupt. I don't have this on the minnowboard max?09:39
tbrthis is a pretty standard intel cpu for all intents and purposes09:49
tbrI'm not sure if it goes that low, but you could have a look at the PWM GPIO pins if they will do what you want. If they are available on Windows, no idea.09:50
ahollermaybe he speaks about the alarm of a RTC10:14
tbrwii jimt110:34
* tbr stacks up his supply of "/"10:35
jimt1wii? tbr?11:01
tbrjimt1: equivalent to /whois11:01
jimt1Jim Thompson - Netgate11:01
* tbr was just curious as he didn't notice the nickname before11:01
tbrnice to meet you11:02
tbrnice range of boards, oh and you guys have the silverjaw.11:06
jimt1Thanks. we're way on top of Turbot, too.  ;-)11:06
* tbr was happy to see another vendor for mbm. cco too often is unobtainium11:08
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berserkerHi I would like to start working on Minnowboard project. Could someone please tell me the prerequisites required.15:44
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prpplaguecbrake: hey buddy16:12
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jim___hello. has anyone ever used the write protect feature on the flash?17:17
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prpplaguejim___: that feature isn't used very much, since in most cases you can write protect via software17:40
prpplaguejim___: in fact in the Turbot and and future revisions of the Max, the feature has been removed17:41
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jim___oh really?17:48
jim___thanks for that information... so now the write protect is done only through software?17:48
prpplaguejim___: well, technically WP is not supported on microSD cards. not one that is "hardware implemented"17:48
prpplaguejim___: the signal that was used was the same as that used for the hardware implementation on full size SD cards17:49
prpplaguejim___: most SD/MMC drivers in the linux kernel support a write protect mode17:49
prpplaguejim___: which can be assigned to a GPIO or other signal17:50
prpplaguejim___: so if you want to have a "jumper" or switch to control the WP, you can assign one in the driver17:50
prpplaguejim___: otherwise, you can just mount the sd card file system as read-only17:51
jim___but what about for the on-board flash? (N25Q064A)17:51
prpplaguejim___: is that what you are referring to? the spi nor flash? or are you talking about the microsd card slot?17:52
jim___yes, the spi flash. not the microsd, sorry for any confusion17:52
prpplaguejim___: the spi nor flash can't be write protected, as firmware such as the UEFI image that ships with the board needs to be able write to the flash17:54
prpplaguejim___: so there are no efforts made to make it write protected17:55
prpplaguejim___: is there a specific reason you want to write protect it?17:55
jim___we would like to load it with our code and then WP it after. for security reasons.17:55
prpplaguejim___: well if you really want to do that, you would need to remove the pullup resistor, R164 on reva2 of the max, and connect one side of the pads to ground17:57
prpplaguejim___: that would hardwire the wp17:57
jim___ok that's good to know. thanks!17:58
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Jim___Hello. Does anyone know when the next revision of the MinnowMax will be launched?19:54
jimt1it's already 'launched'19:55
prpplagueJim___: the A4 of the max is soon to be released, and the turbot was just announced19:56
jimt1prpplague what got changed on the A4 rev of max?19:57
prpplaguejimt1: i am not aware of all of the changes on A4, only those that are made public in the bugzilla account19:58
prpplaguejimt1: those are the known hardware issues20:01
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Jim___prpplague: when you say A4 is soon to be released. would that be in Sept some time?20:16
prpplagueJim___: i am sorry i don't know the actual date, i just know they are in the works20:17
Jim___Ok thank you20:18
prpplagueJim___: turbot will be available through distribution pretty soon20:19
Jim___thanks. my understanding is the A4 will be a quad-core chip, is this true?20:22
prpplagueJim___: i've not seen or heard any information to support that20:22
prpplagueJim___: public statements have always been that it would be the E3825 same as the A220:23
* tbr wouldn't place any bets on availability of cco hw...20:24
Jim___oh i see20:24
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prpplagueJim___: either way, you should have either the Max A4 or the new Turbot to choose from20:26
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