Friday, 2015-09-04

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xkonniwarthog9: right... didnt write again after fixing it with 10_spi_pxa2xx_platform.conf, 20_low_speed_spidev.conf ;)07:22
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cbrakeshould i2cdetect work on MBM i2c bus #5 by default, or is GPIO config required?  I have a scope attached to signals and not seeing anything wiggle yet ...16:31
prpplaguecbrake: you'll need to double check the bus number as it is listed under linux, as depending on what you have enabled in the kernel, as well as what you have enabled in the uefi firmware, the actual bus number may be different16:32
prpplaguecbrake: can you pastebin the results of: i2cdetect -l16:32
cbrakeprpplague: root@intel-corei7-64:~# i2cdetect -l16:33
cbrakei2c-0   i2c             i915 gmbus ssc                          I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-1   i2c             i915 gmbus vga                          I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-2   i2c             i915 gmbus panel                        I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-3   i2c             i915 gmbus dpc                          I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-4   i2c             i915 gmbus dpb                          I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-5   i2c             i915 gmbus dpd                          I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-6   i2c             DPDDC-B                                 I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-7   i2c             Synopsys DesignWare I2C adapter         I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-8   i2c             Synopsys DesignWare I2C adapter         I2C adapter16:33
cbrakei2c-9   smbus           SMBus I801 adapter at 2000              SMBus adapter16:33
prpplaguecbrake: ok, so the the low speed expansion i2c should be bus 716:33
cbrakesorry, you said pastebin :-(16:33
prpplaguecbrake: the high speed expansion would be 816:33
prpplaguecbrake: no worries16:33
cbraketrying ...16:34
prpplaguecbrake: it is good for the channel16:34
prpplaguecbrake: to have the info here at least once16:34
prpplaguecbrake: i2cdetect -y -a -r 716:34
cbrakeprpplague: yup, I see the clock now -- thanks!16:35
prpplaguecbrake: dandy16:35
cbrakeprpplague: I had naively assumed one-to-one mapping16:35
prpplaguecbrake: yea16:35
prpplaguecbrake: unfortunately the i2c buses on the video controller, that are used for EDID, also show up16:36
prpplaguecbrake: and because the video drivers load first, they get first numbers16:36
cbrakeprpplague: ic16:36
prpplaguecbrake: the items listed as i91516:36
prpplaguecbrake: those are part of the GPU16:37
prpplaguecbrake: DPDDC is the display port aux channel16:37
* cbrake notes16:39
warthog9cbrake: also of note the numbering of the i2cs is not consistent when you move from SoC, Firmware, Software16:49
warthog9(just as a general note and to add to the general confusion of everyone involved)16:49
warthog9bonus points that software doesn't always enumerate the i2cs in the same order16:50
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HoloPedguys, is there a forum for MBM that I can post a question ?18:11
HoloPedit's kinda long18:11
HoloPedok I'll post it here18:12
HoloPedwait for it.18:12
HoloPedWe are currently having boot issues with Linux Ubuntu as we have multiple USB devices connected including two USB drives, one of which we are booting from.  We are having issues reliably booting from the USB stick due to the fact that the boot manager list in EFI keeps updating itself whenever any device is added or removed from the setup affecting our EFI boot setup.  Is there any way to lock the EFI boot manager settings so that it18:12
HoloPeddoesn't auto add and/or delete boot entries during boot-up as it detects the addition or removal of new USB devices?18:12
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