Tuesday, 2015-09-08

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slutehow do i hard reset my bios on the max03:04
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zentrumhmm, i just want to build coreboot for minnowboard09:06
zentrumhttp://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMaxCoreboot <= still relevant09:07
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chrisbowHi I want to trigger a programmable down counter with my minnowboardmax. I'm not very familar with digital ic's but I read the datasheets of the 74HC40103 (8bit downcounter) and understood how to use it. My problem now is that I need too much GPIO pins of my minnowboardmax. The counter needs 8 inputs (the 8bit word for counter start value) and 1 to trigger it. I have only 10 GPIOs and can't use 9 of them just for my counter. Is there a component that14:45
chrisbowI can send a value with I2C e.g (only 2 GPIO pins of my board) and that outputs this value on 8 pins? Sorry like I said I'm not very familar with this and search a method to save number of GPIO pins I need14:45
chrisbowOne quick and dirty idea was to use only e.g. 4 pins and don't use the whole range of the 8 bit counter. But if there is a nice way to map a few pins to 8 it would be awesome14:53
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warthog9HoloPed: you may need to go in and add an explicit uefi boot entry, not hard, just slightly obnoxious.  I don't know of a way to turn off what you are seeing though15:38
warthog9zentrum: the sd-card is attached via sdio15:38
warthog9slute: there isn't a reset jumper or anything.  If you can get into the firmware you can reset it there, or the absolute hammer approach is to externally re-flash the entire firmware chip15:39
warthog9zentrum: it might be a little out dated, but yes it's still relevant for building coreboot15:40
warthog9chrisbow: you could always use an i2c gpio expansion board15:40
warthog9chrisbow: possibly not ideal, but should work15:41
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chrisbowThanks warthog, a friend just advised me to look for a port expander. I think this is what i searched, I2C in and 8 pins out (e.g. PCF8574)16:52
prpplaguechrisbow: the pcf8574 is an excellent choice16:53
prpplaguechrisbow: it's easy as it only has one register16:53
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driceHas anyone here successfully created a JTAG test for the Minnowboard MAX that includes being able to test the DDR3L chips?17:06
prpplaguedrice: not as of yet, there are some efforts in place17:10
driceThank you for the response prpplague. FYI, have have had some very limited success. I can get a basic infrastructure test to pass and a severely limited interconnect. As far as I know, it should be possible to perform a basic connectivity test to a DRAM chip through a BS compliant chip, but in my case it seems as if the data lines are stuck at 0.17:14
prpplaguedrice: on a call, i can respond shortly17:15
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tbrnice to see some advanced topics in here :-)18:12
prpplaguedrice: sorry back18:12
prpplaguedrice: the silverjaw has a standard 2x10 jtag header18:13
jimt1I don't think it's populated, prpplague18:13
prpplaguedrice: and there is plenty of basic info for something like openocd to work, however there are some bits of info that are still needed for full implementation18:13
prpplaguejimt1: correct, the pads are not populated18:13
prpplaguedrice: in addition, there is a jtag adapter adapter available that breaks out the jtag from the HSE, to be used with a stand intel XDP device18:14
jimt1prpplague, I don't think they're pads, either.   I think they're 0.1" thru-hole, and they've been soldered over during manufacturing18:14
prpplaguejimt1: generically most people refer to them as pads even if they are through hole18:15
prpplaguejimt1: they are left open, so you can populate it18:15
prpplaguejimt1: i've added it to mine for testing18:15
jimt1prpplague, yeah, I understand 'why'18:15
prpplaguedrice: are you using an xdp adatper or using something like lauterbach ?18:20
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ahollerchrisbow: a shift-register might work as well19:14
ahollerold school stuff ;)19:16
driceI am using JTAG Technologies equipment and am working with thier FAE on the issue. I am going through the XDP port, but have modified my Minnowboard slightly by soldering on a 5x2 header. Although this is a signal integrity speedbump, my scan chain is operational and that is a good starting point. So I'm a little past the basics. BTW, I soldered the connector on becasue I was becoming impatient for the JTAG lure to arrive in the mai19:22
prpplaguedrice: ahh19:23
driceAlso, I know the board is good becasue I can boot up Fedora from an SSD, and also Memtest from a USB stick.19:25
driceI don't think UEFI settings are an issue, I must be missing something that Fedora knows about.19:29
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