Wednesday, 2015-09-09

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HoloPedHey all, I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server on an SD card. I boot from a USB drive. EFI sees the SD card, but when I get to the point in the installation to choose drive, Ubuntu installation doesn't list the SD (just the USB). Any ideas why ?13:19
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tbrprobably they don't expect a target to be /dev/mmcblk0* ?14:06
tbryou could try to be sneaky and create a devicenode like /dev/sdc for it?14:07
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bradfaHoloPed, which Ubuntu version?14:55
bradfaHoloPed, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS should see the SD/MMC interface on the PCI bus14:55
HoloPedbradfa, v1514:56
bradfaso long as the firmware set everything up right at boot time, the SD/MMC interface should get enumerated on the PCI bus and you should see /dev/mmcblk0 in your dmesg14:56
HoloPedshould I try 14 ?14:56
HoloPedwell EFI lists the SD card14:56
bradfaHoloPed, I've not had any issues with E3825 based board installing 14.04 LTS onto eMMC14:56
* bradfa doesn't actually have a minnowmax14:56
HoloPedso I'm sure its configured right on the BIOS14:56
bradfaHoloPed, if you run `dmesg | grep mmc` does anything get spit out?14:57
HoloPedbut the ubuntu installer doesn't give an option other than the USB drive14:57
HoloPedrun that command where ?14:57
HoloPedI dont have linux installed14:57
bradfaHoloPed, in the Ubutnu installer you should be able to get a shell, if you're in a text mode installer hit Alt-F214:57
HoloPedok I will try, just a sec14:59
HoloPeddmesg | grep mmc returns nothing15:00
bradfaHoloPed, hmmm, that's odd, can you try booting the 14.04 LTS installer?15:00
HoloPedI will try, that will take a while15:01
HoloPedNeed to download it first15:01
bradfaHoloPed, just use the netinstall15:01
HoloPedwait, what is netinstall15:02
HoloPedcan I download that as iso ?15:02
bradfayes, one sec15:03
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bradfaah, oops, I'm thinkin of debian who hav a netinstaller that's not huge15:03
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bradfaoh, wait15:04
bradfathey seem to have a "mini.iso" not sure if that will work, but it's only 39 MB so should download quick15:04
bradfamaybe dowload the full installer once you have the mini, just in case it doesn't work15:04
* bradfa doesn't know ubuntu that well, so take all this with a grain of salt15:05
HoloPedok, im gonnta try one of the 14.04 server iso's15:06
bradfawmat, if you want an idea for a screencast, creating a ubuntu/debian sd card for minnowmax without needing to use the installer on the board itself would make a nice little tutorial, show sensible partitioning of the sd card, then use something like debootstrap and then install grub and its efi bits properly from a desktop machine, then just plug in the sd card and boot it (or maybe this tutorial already exists on elinux?)15:10
* bradfa doesn't have an E38xx borad with an SD card slot, just eMMC, so I'm not much help here15:11
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wmatbradfa: thx for the idea. Noted.15:21
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wmatbradfa: those exactsteps don't exist today15:21
wmatbradfa: only
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HoloPedbradfa, same thing with v14.0415:30
HoloPedI'm not married to Ubuntu15:31
bradfaHoloPed, odd15:31
HoloPedany other distro I should I try >15:31
HoloPedits going to be a headless system though15:31
HoloPedso I need something that doesn't have desktop15:31
HoloPedand will never stop on boot for user input15:31
bradfaHoloPed, debian by default doesn't install any GUI stuff and will boot fine headless15:32
bradfaHoloPed, see elinux distros link above ^^^15:32
bradfaprpplague, any guidance for HoloPed regarding installing to SD card for Ubuntu?  see failed attempts as it seems the Ubuntu installer isn't supporting the SD/MMC interface in its kernel ^^^15:34
prpplaguebradfa: iirc the was documented on the distro page of the wiki, is it not?15:34
bradfaprpplague, yes, but it says ubuntu 14.04 just works, and it's seeming not to15:35
prpplaguebradfa: for sd card?15:35
prpplaguebradfa: ok, iirc there were issues with the sd card and it needed a tweak15:35
* prpplague pulls up the wiki page15:35
bradfaah, the info is for the "desktop" installer15:36
bradfaHoloPed, you are using the "server" installer?15:36
HoloPedyes, server15:36
HoloPedoh, I see the trick about the SD card reader15:37
HoloPedI'll try that15:37
bradfapossibly canonical ship different kernel configs for the server installer?15:38
bradfaversus desktop?15:38
bradfaprpplague, do you know *why* the kernel wouldn't find the MMC/SD interface? I've not had this problem (but I don't have a minnowmax) on my E38xx boards when running UEFI firmware15:40
HoloPedthe sd card reader trick seemed to work, installing now15:41
HoloPedwe'll see if it boots from it15:41
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prpplaguebradfa: no i have i have not looked into it. warthog9 normally handles the distro stuff. i am always use an image built using yocto/oe15:44
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warthog9bradfa: what's up?17:00
bradfahi warthog9, HoloPed and I were just wondering why sometimes the Ubuntu installers don't find the mmc/sd interface17:00
bradfado you know why that might happen?  I've not seen this myself on my E38xx board when using UEFI firmware (not a minnowmax, just E38xx based)17:01
bradfabut HoloPed was having issues getting the Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04 installers to find his SD card during boot17:02
HoloPedif I have an OS installed and booting from a USB3 drive, can I make an image of that and dump it on an SD card ?17:02
HoloPedwould that work ?17:02
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warthog9bradfa, HoloPed: I've got a vague memory on something with that17:19
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warthog9knee jerk thought it that they only have acpi or the pci module for the sd card interface in the installer17:19
warthog9and the MAX is flipped the wrong way for it17:19
HoloPedyeah, I think that the installer lacks the drivers17:19
warthog9I assume it's not seeing it at all?17:20
HoloPeddoesn't see it at all17:20
HoloPedI'm installing to an SD card now, using a usb card reader.17:20
HoloPedthat it does see17:20
bradfaah, ok, that would make sense.  I assume the firmware should allow changing from ACPI to PCI mode, no?17:20
warthog9because that falls under the usb storage stack and it's a faked out /dev/sd* device17:20
warthog9bradfa: yeah, second17:20
warthog9I don't think that page has gotten copied over17:21
warthog9it hasn't, grr17:21
warthog9"LPSS &SCC Devices Mode"17:22
wmatwarthog9: what page copied over to where?17:23
warthog9wmat the MaxBios page over to wiki.minnowboard.org17:24
warthog9one of those long, technical pages, that didn't get copied but is OHHHH SO USEFUL17:24
wmatwarthog9: i still think it's to bad it all can't just stay at elinux ;)17:24
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warthog9wmat: want all that Windows IoT stuff on the elinux pages? ;-)17:25
wmatwarthog9: I wouldn't care, but i know others would :(17:26
warthog9not a fight I really want to have :-/17:27
wmati'm tempted to start a new, less exclusive wiki dedicated to embedded17:27
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warthog9wmat might be worth it17:27
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warthog9a more neutral ground to discuss this stuff17:27
wmatfor example, all the 'close to the metal' stuff too17:28
warthog9the embedded landscape is change, rapidly, right now17:28
warthog9yeah embedded is a HUGE swath of hardware now17:28
wmatto bad is gone17:28
warthog9I'd offer up one of my domains but I like it too much: invalid.network17:28
warthog9how that was available to nab when I did I have no idea17:28
wmati've avoided all the new TLDs thus far17:29
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warthog9I've snagged a few as I've dealt with other things17:29
warthog9have a few .ninja domains17:29
warthog9snagged outof.biz17:29
warthog9gandi gave me e-rate status on my account, which was probably a bad idea17:30
wmatI should start it at embedded.wtf17:31
bradfaoh, those LPSS SCC configuration variables are the FSP settings for VPD... neat :)17:32
bradfawmat, +117:32
warthog9wmat I suspect the "wtf" part will get some push back17:32
warthog9actually is taken?17:32
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wmatmy registrar thinks it is17:33
warthog9gandi thinks it's taken17:33
wmateben is gone17:34
warthog9is available17:34
warthog9who the heck is paying the mega-bucks for the gtld .kim ?17:35
wmatnorth koreans?17:35
calculuskoreans in general, my high school had so many Kims17:36
bradfaheh, is taken17:36
calculusthere were even to Mrs./Miss Kims17:37
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warthog9wmat: I vote for embedded.fish17:45
warthog9fish are totally neutral and safe, right?17:46
wmati'm not even sure i want the term embedded17:51
wmati'd love to get some retro stuff on it as well17:52
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