Tuesday, 2015-09-15

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rickouhi there19:06
rickouis someone know if ADI's minnowboard turbot shipped with heatsink ? fan ? is any plan to make schematics available like minnowboard max ?19:22
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warthog9rickou: yes, no, when the product ships19:51
warthog9rickou: the headers that aren't populated on the MAX are expected to be populated on the Turbot19:54
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rickouwartog: thank you very much ! do you know if there is distributor for that board in europ ??19:57
warthog9it's getting worked on I know that, no ETA on that front (that I know of anyway)20:00
warthog9it's my understanding that the distributors elsewhere should be able to ship anywhere, but that carries the obvious caveat of more expensive shipping costs (at least usually)20:00
rickouyes this is the main goal of my question.. shipping cost and custom fees ;)20:03
rickouthank for all. i go to bed now :)20:11
rickoubye !20:11
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ka6soxwarthog9, the Hook is going to be very nice addition...I have minnows that need upgrades22:32
ka6soxordered one22:32
warthog9I'm just happy we were able to get the price down from $250 for something like a dediprog to $29 for the spi hook22:32
* ka6sox is very happy at this price22:34
* ka6sox does the happy dance22:34
ka6soxthe cables I've been trying have been "flakey" at best.22:35
warthog9ka6sox: we need video of that dance ;-)22:35
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* ka6sox looks out on EweToob for said same.22:35
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