Wednesday, 2015-09-16

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songokuGuys, I need someone to help me on this. I went to to buy a Minnowboard and there is this notice:15:10
songokuEnd of Life: Scheduled for obsolescence and will be discontinued by the manufacturer.15:10
songokuHow's that???15:10
tbrsongoku: maybe get the Turbot instead?15:13
tbrit was just announced recently15:13
warthog9songoku: the board is getting an underlying rev going from A2 to A4 to fix a bunch of issues.  Considering that distributors like Mouser and Digikey, etc, usually work with other components and any user visible change effectively causes a sku change15:13
warthog9with a sku change causes an EOL warning15:13
warthog9specifically, from a user visible change, ping 26 on the LSE is changing15:13
warthog9Minnow isn't going anywhere, it's just the difference in dealing with a normal retailer (where this change is basically a non-issue) and a distributor where a change in a part (say 1mm on a resistor) can indicate issues for other folks15:16
songokuThanks mate, great info. I'll go and order with confidence then :)15:17
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songokuwarthog9: can you please confirm if Minnowboard Turbot has that nasty silicon level SD card bug fixed (DDR50 capability)?15:27
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prpplaguesongoku: turbot is using the same baytrail E38xx series chip, if indeed it is a silicon bug, then it's still there15:41
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warthog9songoku: we haven't gone back and tested that on newer chips, if it's still present in current around MAXes, it'll be present on the Turbots15:49
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bcranisn't the DDR50 issue a bug with the Atom CPU?16:30
bcranVLI55 in
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warthog9bcran: yeah it's SoC silicon level bug16:59
warthog9the short version is they changed the spec when the chip went to production and there wasn't time to fix the chip16:59
warthog9there are some sd cards that work16:59
warthog9but not many16:59
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