Thursday, 2015-09-17

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prpplaguenizoob: welcome22:12
nizoobanyone around?22:12
prpplaguenizoob: we are mostly a square22:12
prpplaguenizoob: feel to ask questions about minnowboard and discuss22:12
nizoobI think the MM board i just got is DOA22:12
nizoobi can get anything to install except the firmware22:13
nizoobcan = can't22:13
prpplaguenizoob: what do you mean?22:13
nizoobits complicated22:13
nizoobbut ill try22:13
prpplaguewhat distro are you trying to use?22:14
nizoobi have tried 3 usb hubs (non powered) and no devices work that are connected to them22:14
nizoobi have tried Ubuntu and ARch linuc22:14
nizoobi have tried Ubuntu and ARch linux22:14
nizoobArch gives a USB error and stalls22:14
nizoobUbuntu just reboots22:14
prpplagueyou are following those instructions?22:14
nizoobof course22:15
nizoobjust a little background... i have been building computers etc since my 286 16mghz22:16
nizoobi have a rasberry pi2 up and running22:16
prpplaguenizoob: are you install from a thumb drive?22:16
nizoobi tried from 3 different micro SD's and 2 dif USB drives22:17
prpplaguenizoob: are you able to boot to the ubuntu installer from the usb thumb drive?22:17
nizoobyeah the grub loads then i choose anything from there and then after a minutes it reboots OR the splash screen appears and then a few minutes after that it reboots22:18
nizoobi just loaded the 32bit firmware as a last ditch effort22:19
nizoobhavent tried it yet22:19
prpplaguenizoob: the 64bit is a better option22:19
prpplaguenizoob: question: how are you powering the board?22:19
nizoobyeah but it hasnt worked22:20
nizoobi have a universal power supply22:20
nizoobset on 4.5V22:20
prpplaguenizoob: OH22:20
prpplaguenizoob: not going to work22:20
nizoobwhy it fits the specs22:20
prpplaguenizoob: you need a +5V regulated supply that has at least 2.5A22:21
prpplaguenizoob: specs are +5V +- 0.15V22:21
nizoobthey have one at microcenter?22:21
nizoobcan you give a link?22:22
nizoobi have been working on this for 2 days non stop22:22
nizoobthe documentation i read said 4.7 - 5.5 volts22:23
nizoobor something like that22:23
prpplaguewell 4.5 is not 4.722:24
prpplagueone sec let me load microcenter22:24
nizoob(+/- .25V or 4.75 - 5.25V),22:24
nizoobyeah well when i put it on 5 it doesnt even come on22:24
nizoobso you say they have one at microcenter?22:25
prpplagueyea give me a second, on a call22:25
nizoobis not 2.5 amps just 222:26
prpplague2A is usually enough as long as you aren't using any lures or high powered usb3 devices22:28
nizoobok i will ride out and get that one. thanks for the help22:29
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prpplaguenizoob: np22:43
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