Friday, 2015-09-18

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nizoobi got the install going. althought the usb hub still does not work.00:27
nizoobi got a 5v 3.6A power supply from radio shack00:27
nizoobanyone around?00:28
prpplaguenizoob: take the usb out of for now00:30
prpplaguenizoob: you are booting from the USB thumb drive?00:30
prpplaguenizoob: did you switch back to 64-bit firmware or are you still run 32-bit firmware?00:31
nizoobthe hub is a usb 2 hub00:31
nizoobyes i did00:31
prpplaguenizoob: what devices were you connecting to the USB?00:33
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nizoobjust the usb drive and a wireless mouse.00:34
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prpplaguenizoob: first thing to check is to see if the usb2 port is working, you can try your usb thumbdrive on the usb2 port00:36
prpplaguenizoob: if it recognizes and boots from the thumbdrive, then the port is working and is powered00:37
nizoobit is, remeber i said i was installing now00:38
nizoobwhen i plug just the keyboard into the hub it does not work00:38
nizoobbasically the hub does not let anything work00:38
nizoobkeyboard works without the hub00:39
prpplaguesounds like an issue with the hub to me00:39
nizoobi have 200:39
nizoobboth brand new00:39
nizoobjust opened them today00:40
prpplaguepowered or unpowered?00:40
prpplaguein unpowered mode, the hub will only allow 100mA devices to work00:40
nizoobi read somewhere not to use powered hubs with the mbm00:41
nizoobso that is wrong?00:41
prpplaguenizoob: only that cheap chinese ones that don't follow usb specifications can provide reverse power to the system00:41
prpplaguenizoob: powered are fine00:41
nizoobok i have a powered hub i paid 90 dollars for it. i could try that one00:42
prpplaguenizoob: what kind of usb keyboard are you using?00:42
nizoobi have 3. 1 is usb 3 backlit gaming kb. one is a logitach standard usb 2 and the other is an old dell00:43
nizooball give me the same results00:43
prpplagueusb3 backlit is certainly going to use more than 100mA00:43
prpplaguethe logitech is iffy00:43
prpplagueand the old dell certainly will be more than 100mA00:44
nizoobwell i can try the powered hub... i would have bought another if i hadnt read  not to use it somewhere00:44
prpplagueyea try the powered hub00:44
nizoobsame results01:03
nizoobi tried just the usb stick too. 'no mapping'01:04
prpplaguesomething strange going on there01:04
nizoobi dont need to change any bios settings?01:05
prpplaguenope, i'd do a reset to factory defaults just to make sure01:05
prpplaguebut there should be no need01:05
nizoobyeah it wont work with a hub at all01:06
prpplagueotherwise email for an rma01:06
nizoobok thanksa01:06
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