Wednesday, 2015-09-30

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francis_Hello! I'm looking for exact mechanical specs/ dimensions on the Minnowboard Max expansion board (low speed), but can't find it on elinux.org16:24
francis_Does anyone here know?16:24
CyanoticAxolotlyou want the dimensions of the minnowboard max or the minnowboard max's low-speed header16:25
CyanoticAxolotli have dial calipers and i can readily measure things under 6 inches for you16:25
CyanoticAxolotland accurately16:25
francis_Thanks! I want the size, hole positions and header position :)16:26
CyanoticAxolotl3.9in x 2.9in16:28
CyanoticAxolotlyou might want to check with warthog916:28
CyanoticAxolotli'm just a guy who used to go to an engineering magnet high school16:29
CyanoticAxolotlholes ~0.075in away from the board16:30
CyanoticAxolotlholes ~0.125 diameter?16:30
CyanoticAxolotlask warthog9, i'm not a reliable source16:30
francis_Okay, thanks! :)16:30
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warthog9who shot who now?17:15
warthog9francis_: you could pull up the board files for either the Desert or the Proto lure17:16
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