Thursday, 2015-10-01

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frogFeetHi all. I'm having a problem where my minnowboard max won't boot if an msata sd is attached via the Silverjaw lure.06:26
frogFeetI can't even get to an EFI shell.06:26
frogFeetIf I unplug the drive it gets to the shell fine.06:27
frogFeetmsata ssd rather06:27
frogFeetI do get the the06:29
frogFeet"Sec Memory Init" message (or something similar I have forgotten and don't want to reboot the board in case it gets anywher).06:29
frogFeetAnd then it just hangs06:29
frogFeetI get nothing via the HDMI link or the serial cable.06:30
frogFeetAny pointers would be appreciated.06:30
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frogFeetNow when I boot I get this message "system is reclaiming flash storage, please wait and don't power off system..."07:01
frogFeetAlthough it's been like that for about twenty minutes. What flash storage does it need to reclaim?07:02
tbrfrogFeet: is your power supply sufficient, the ssd might need more power07:10
tbrfrogFeet: that's something about the firmware flash chip, every n reboots it needs to clean/defrag some logging area or such07:10
frogFeetah okay. so unrelated. I have a 5V power input07:12
frogFeetWhich previously was doing fine powering the minnowboard and a rotating platter hard drive.07:12
frogFeetIt should be enough to power the board + the lure + an ssd, right?07:13
tbrwhat is its max current rating?07:13
tbrI think warthog9 experimented with msata SSDs, maybe he can say something07:14
frogFeetthanks tbr07:15
tbralso might be worth checking if you are on latest firmware, maybe they fixed something07:15
frogFeetalright i'll look into that07:15
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frogFeetHow do I configure what the minnowboard outputs at boot? It used to show me the EFI startup menu and the GRUB boot menu when I powered it on (over HDMI). Now I don't see anything until X starts.09:03
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ahollerfrogFeet: that problem with flash sounds like a bug in a old firmware. so I suggest to make sure you use the latest fw09:29
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frogFeetI'll upgrade it tomorrow and see how it goes, thanks.10:15
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warthog9frogFeet: I assume you are putting the mSATA drive into the mSATA slot?21:16
warthog9frogFeet: as for outputs I assume you are refering to hdmi?21:16
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