Sunday, 2015-10-11

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ahollerhmm, dmesg | grep Freeing is now at 1.35s vs. 2.2s (parallel initialization vs. normal) on my Atom N270 netbook ;)09:00
ahollerlooks like I should offer the patches ;)09:01
ahollermy beagles, kirkwood (single core) and my imx (multicore) are all booting faster too ;)09:02
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ahollerthe magic fast-boot patch ;)09:03
ahollerunfortunately I doubt it will ever end up in mainline kernel. we'll see ...09:05
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aholler441 files changed, 4127 insertions(+), 427 deletions(-)09:29
aholleralso most changes are trivial like this example, which is one of the few with a lot dependencies:
ahollermost often the necessary changes just look like this:
aholleror like this:
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aholleror like this example for a platform-driver:
ahollerno more deferred probes and something like make -jN for initcalls09:43
ahollerthat's why it's faster on DT-based singel cores as well as on non-DT based multicores09:44
ahollerand it works ;)09:47
aholleralso it's time consuming to extract the dependencies from sources. They are almost no comments in regard to necessary link order09:52
ahollerso maintainers have to learn their subsystem again by reading sources ;)09:53
aholleranyway ...09:54
ahollerfor the bored curious one, here is the output of dmesg on my PC:
ahollerthe interesting stuff starts at line 25510:05
ahollerI wonder if that would qualify me as a kernel hacker ;)10:10
ahollerto explain line 256: I have annotated 408 initcalls, 164 from those are statically linked into the kernel on that box and those 164 (used) initcalls have 184 dependencies10:14
ahollerbut grep __initcall | wc -l still has 221 initcalls I haven't annotated10:15
aholler(on that box)10:15
ahollerand as those 221 are still called in sequence, using just one core, there is likely more speed up possible10:16
ahollerit just needs time to annotated them10:17
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kallisti5hm.. The stock UEFI bios puts the USB controller into XHCI mode on boot?14:48
kallisti5hm.  Working on getting Haiku running on the MinnowBoard Max.  Our USB 3.0 stack is unstable at the moment :-|14:53
kallisti5maybe disabling the UEFI xhci driver?14:53
tbrhave you tried looking through the firmware?14:54
kallisti5yeah. looking at the UEFI serial console now14:54
tbrit has quite a few settings14:54
kallisti5should I see video while in the uefi?14:54
kallisti5(only have serial access while system at UEFI prompt)14:55
tbrif you had something attached when turning on, yes14:55
kallisti5ok. I assumed uefi was serial only... no video output14:55
kallisti5I do get video once linux is booted14:55
kallisti5... crap. Think I have that hdmi bug14:55
tbrif you do get output under linux, it's at least not that bad14:56
kallisti5except I don't care about linux on this board :P14:56
kallisti5we were going to make a machine using the minnowboard to run Haiku14:56
tbrwell, whatever other kernel comes up should be able then too14:56
kallisti5yeah.  can you configure those uefi settings within the shell?14:57
tbrno, you have to drop to firmware mode (which looks like traditional bios)14:57
kallisti5is that avail over serial"?14:57
kallisti5hm. ok  I press f2 and get droped into uefi shell14:58
tbrrendering might look funky depending on your terminal, but it worked well enough for me14:58
tbrand if you search through that it shows a disable option for XHCI15:00
kallisti5found it15:02
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