Tuesday, 2015-10-13

warthog9ancky_: some distros have started requiring that00:00
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warthog9and I think I saw something in the Debian write-up you pointed to that mentioned needing to add / change that as well00:09
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ancky_hi, minnowboard V1, serial console doesn't react after a boot12:58
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ancky_I just read that the inittab isn't used in debian jessie12:59
ancky_looks like I have to configure it with systemd, does anyone know how to do that?12:59
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warthog9ancky_: I've done it once18:17
warthog9I remember it being obnoxious18:17
ancky_warthog9: I set up a cron job to write the time to a logfile and that worked18:19
ancky_so I'm thinking linux boots up fine, just without ethernet and no shell access over uart, any ideas how I get access to the board?18:20
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warthog9ancky_: heading to lunch (so delayed), what are you booting from?18:27
ancky_ssd over sata18:28
smurrayancky_: I think adding console=ttyS0 to the kernel command line drives magic in systemd that should result in it spawning a getty on it18:29
smurrayancky_: I'm pretty sure it did in my Fedora install18:30
ancky_smurray: I'm pretty sure I have that in right now, but I flashed it countless times18:31
ancky_it outputs the kernel messages, I think printk, over the uart18:31
ancky_so I see that something moves, but I can't login18:31
smurraydo you have flow control disabled? I just checked mine, and a clean minicom profile had hardware flow control enabled, so no input worked18:39
smurraydouble-checking, I had added console=ttyS0,115200n8 to the kernel cmdline18:40
ancky_linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.8.13-yocto-standard root=/dev/sda2 ro rootwait console=ttyPCH0,115200n8 console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0,115200 vmalloc=256MB snd-hda-intel.enable_msi=018:46
ancky_those are my kernel parameters18:47
smurray3.8.13 is pretty old for running on the max18:50
smurrayit mentions on that elinux.org page: "NOTE: It is best to use 3.12.X kernels or greater with the Minnowboard because they have better support for its peripherals such as builtin ethernet and serial console. Install a 3.12.X kernel for the greatest compatibility"18:53
smurrayah, I see in scrollback that you're using an original minnowboard, not max18:55
smurrayI'd probably still shoot for a newer kernel, tbh18:56
bluelightningtricky issue with the old minnowboard is the binary powervr drivers, IIRC that meant you were stuck with 3.819:01
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ancky_smurray: yes I used a few different kernels, I think the debian 3.16 but that didn't react at all. Where can I get newer Yocto kernels?19:16
smurrayancky_: iirc, you can get in over network when it's booted, is that right?19:19
smurrayancky_: I'd be curious if there are actually is a /dev/ttyPCH0 devices or is there just a /dev/ttyS019:20
ancky_in demsg the angstrom recognizes PCH019:21
smurrayancky_: sure, but there is some possibility that a udev rule results in the creation of something else19:22
ancky_and no network doesn't work, it says mac address is 00:00 ....19:22
ancky_i plugged a usb ethernet adapter in that gets recognized (I see the kernel messages) but it still is not reachable over ethernet19:23
smurrayancky_: have you tried doing a jessie install with a USB key?19:23
ancky_I tried it but when I tried the only availabe usb it took more than 10 hours to bootstrap it19:24
ancky_I could now flash the sata partition onto the usb stick, maybe I will try that next19:25
smurrayI meant not bootstrapping, but rather making a USB key installer from the debian install ISO image19:25
smurrayit's how I've installed the last couple of releases of Fedora on my max19:26
smurraywrt to your earlier question about a newer yocto kernel, generally you'd need to build one using the build system, but it's possible that a newer angstrom release has a newer one pre-built19:27
ancky_okay I tried the newest angstrom image and that kernel resulted in a kernel panic19:29
ancky_how did you interact with the installer? screen and input devices?19:32
smurrayI've done test builds of images for my max with OpenEmbedded, but not gotten around to trying to put them on a SD card and boot them19:35
aholler_hmm, tty with 115200 doesn't make much sense ;)19:44
aholler_looks like kind of desperation ;)19:46
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ahollerand systemd doesn't show a login until after a key was pressed.19:48
ahollerso maybe it might have once worked but not seen19:48
smurrayI'm guessing there is no systemd involved based on the instructions at elinux.org19:55
smurrayso could be an issue with device naming in inittab19:56
ahollernot to forget securetty19:56
ahollerbut that's only a problem when the login appeared19:56
* warthog9 tries to read back20:01
warthog9ancky_: did you get that figured out and/or add "console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty0" to the kernel boot line?20:02
ancky_warthog9: yep I tried the yocto and debian kernels, nothing new happened20:02
warthog9console=tty0 tacked at the end SHOULD spit something out20:04
ancky_the yocto spits, but debian kernels have no output20:04
ancky_or at least the one I tested, 3.1620:05
ahollerthey might change the command line by the dt (choosen)20:05
ahollerif it used dt at all20:06
ancky_aholler: what is dt?20:06
ahollerheared somehwhere that u-boot uses device tree on x86 too20:06
ancky_ah ok20:06
ancky_everything looks like grub is the bootloader, I would be happy if it was u-boot20:07
ahollerah, ok.20:07
ahollerand since 4.2 or so, I see the option for of/dt in menuconfig on x86 too. ;)20:10
ahollerAlso I wonder what they do with that ;)20:10
ahollermaybe configuring gpios ;)20:12
smurrayafaik, none of that applies to minnowboard(v1). work has been done to allow using uboot on max, but it requires flashing uboot in with a spi flash programmer20:23
smurrayand I think that x86 devicetree stuff is currently only used for another board20:24
ahollerI see arch/x86/platform/ce4100/falconfalls.dts, so you're right20:26
ahollernever heared of that, have to ask the web ;)20:27
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ahollerseems to be the board in the boxee box20:38
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ancky_mmh I could get a minnowboard max21:20
ancky_is there any way to get sound input and output working?21:20
ancky_and thank you for all the suggestions :)21:23
ancky_I will post an update if I get the V1 to work!21:23
warthog9ancky_: on the v1?21:29
warthog9(sound that is)21:29
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