Wednesday, 2015-10-14

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wmatanyone else seeing list mail getting flagged as spam in gmail lately?02:51
wmatall of AMarchini's mail (amerilok domain) got flagged as spam02:51
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ancky_warthog9: the website calls the old minnowboard v1, and I was asking if sound is working on the new max board because we have a few sitting around that are not used.06:37
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warthog9ancky_: well sound works from HDMI16:46
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ahollergit push -f18:19
warthog9aholler: push not allowed in that context18:21
ahollertherefor I've forced it ;)18:21
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* warthog9 quietly works on documentation as that's all his brain is good for today19:43
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francisrHello! Anyone here familiar with the power circuitry on the minnowboard max? I am trying to power it with +5v on the GPIO-header, but it fails to boot19:47
francisrI get the D1 power LED, but D2 does not light up. As far as I can see from the schematics it should be equivalent to powering it from the barrel plug except there is no reverse polarity protection on the header19:47
tbrand the psu has the right voltage and enough power?19:49
francisryes, I have used the same power to supply 5v to the barrel plug19:51
warthog9francisr: how much amperage are you trying to push through the LSE pins?19:54
warthog9and how much can your supply push19:54
francisrFor now just trying to power the bare minnowboard (no SD, no USB stuff..) and the PSU does 4 amps19:56
warthog9and you've got a MAX?19:57
warthog9I vaguely remember something about back-feeding power through the LSE not working "right", prpplague do you remember what's going on there?19:58
francisrI got a MAX rev A2 yes19:59
francisrI haven't studied the schematics for too long, but I believe this is the only place DC_IN_1 is referenced:
francisrAnd U36 is reverse protection only, right?20:00
warthog9second, need to pull up my copy20:00
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warthog9francisr: I think it's supposed to work, but I don't think it does on the A220:15
warthog9and prpplague isn't responding so I think he's in a meeting20:16
francisrdang. that was bad luck for me :)20:16
warthog9I'd need to track down an A2 to double check20:16
warthog9and I think they are all in a box coming back from Dublin20:16
francisrA2 is the last version that has been manufactured, right?20:17
warthog9francisr: correct20:17
warthog9the Turbot, which is based on the A2 originally, but with lots of fixes and being produced by ADI Engineering, should be out early November20:17
warthog9when last I talked with CircuitCo they claimed they were running A4s soon, but I don't have a date20:18
francisrah. I saw that one on but it didn't say anything about the difference from Minnowboard MAX when I looked at it20:18
warthog9francisr: mostly fixes20:18
warthog9 is, litterally, what I'm working on right now20:19
* warthog9 is still working on cleaning that up20:21
francisrGreat. So, it's getting close to bedtime in Norway, but I will open this channel on my work PC so I will see any activity tomorrow morning. If you get any definitive answers regarding why it doesn't work (and maybe even how to fix it -- I'm handy with a soldering iron) I would much appreciate a word!20:21
francisrThanks so far!20:21
warthog9francisr: I'll see what I can see, and yeah, keep the channel open20:22
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