Monday, 2015-10-26

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zentrumis the minnowboard turbot already available?14:25
prpplaguezentrum: it is pre-production now14:26
prpplaguezentrum: the mass production is gearing up and should be available through regular distributors including international ones, soon14:27
zentrumdoes it make sense to wait?14:27
zentrumor should we buy an "old" one?14:27
zentrumsounds like, its should reach the distributors in a couple of weeks?14:28
leon-anaviI am also interested when turbot will be available cause I broke my max.14:29
zentrummaybe I break mine too, will flash coreboot/seabios to it tomorrow ;)14:31
leon-anavi:) well... I lost mine in less attractive circumstances... by mistake I pluged the power supply of Intel NUC into my max...14:32
prpplaguezentrum: yea i can't really give you advice on if you should wait or not, but the turbot will have a faster processor plus all the known fixes, for the same cost as the current max14:32
prpplaguezentrum: up to you on how quickly you need it, and if you want the newer features14:33
zentrumprpplague: ok, will wait. do you know, whether it has a sata power connector now?14:34
prpplaguezentrum: adi has a document that lists all the differences14:35
prpplaguezentrum: one of which is the populated +5V power connector14:35
zentrumah, ok. J2 fan connector, right?14:36
zentrumquite useful to have it now, killing my SSDs otherwise as my own operating system does not understand TRIM ATM ;)14:37
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jimt1turbot pilot units in < 2 weeks.  turbot production in Dec.16:57
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leon-anavijimt1 cool, thanks for the info. Now I know what is on top of my wish list for the holidays at the end of the year ;)17:03
jimt1with luck: early Dec17:05
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leon-anavijimt1 will it be available through sellers in EU? I prefer to save the headache while dealing with customs.17:10
jimt1someone deals with customs.17:18
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