Tuesday, 2015-10-27

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sjoerdHey all, is the production of the MAX going to stop now that the Turbot is coming available ?10:37
tbrsjoerd: AFAIU there is a revision 4 planned by CCo independently of the Max10:40
sjoerdI see10:40
sjoerdOne of our customers had a distributor telling them MAX production was stopped, which was surprising10:41
sjoerdThoguh i wouldn't be surprised if the distributor was spreading misinformation :)10:42
tbrrevision 2 is gone10:42
tbrand well, with CCo as the manufacturer, the supply situation is what it is...10:42
sjoerdYeah it has seemed somewhat unfortunate10:43
sjoerdAh i also just saw the note on the where_to_buy pacage on the wiki wrt. Mouser10:43
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CyanoticAxolotlahhhhh what max A4 is CCo's own independent design?16:03
CyanoticAxolotlnot an official?16:03
CyanoticAxolotland they stopped A2 production before they completed it16:04
tbrCyanoticAxolotl: I can't comment on official, as I'm not intel. but in my understanding CCo does the design together with intel and A4 is A2 + modifications16:07
tbrso just evolutionary improvement16:07
tbrand as to the supply gap, well there must be a reason why CCo and unobtainium are so often found in the same sentence16:08
CyanoticAxolotlah i see16:09
CyanoticAxolotldang i got my a2 at the right time16:09
tbrpersonally, if I'd be in the market for a minnow, I'd look for the Turbot16:10
tbrthe main value it has going for it in my point of view: not manufactured by CCo16:10
CyanoticAxolotlooo cool it has a different soc too16:14
CyanoticAxolotli did get the a2 though16:15
aholler_tbr: what's your problem cco?16:44
aholler_I assume it's as good or bad as any company of that size16:46
aholler_and I assume neither the max nor their other boards have been build for the mass market.16:50
aholler_at least not for a mass as chinese builders usually do.16:51
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tbraholler_: I don't expect you to understand that, don't worry.17:09
aholler_tbr: why should I worry? I'm just curious. And I haven't had a problem to get my hands on a bbb.17:12
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aholler_also that was likely before the masses discovered it17:14
tbrconsider yourself lucky17:17
tbrothers had much less luck getting their hands on a minnowboard max or a BBB17:18
aholler_sure, but I think the problem here isn't cco. I think it's just quite hard to match production with demand, especially in such small numbers17:21
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aholler_also I wonder why the max isn't listed at watterott ;)17:27
aholler_but the electronic market (parts and boards) has become crazy anyways.17:32
aholler_like everthing else :(17:34
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tbrit takes some experience and observation to realize that, hence my earlier stated lack of expectation towards your understanding17:49
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warthog9wheee Turbot schematics went up17:56
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jimt1Turbot schematics were added by "Kevinpaar", who happens to be the engineering manager @ ADI Engineering.  (now a division of Silicom)18:14
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warthog9Kevin's pretty awesome to work with19:34
jimt1I know.  We're their #2 customer, only Intel is larger.19:56
warthog9and Silicom makes good stuff, the 4-port nic in my home router is a silicom19:59
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jimt1the 4 port (i350-based) NIC in my home router is built-in to the C2558.  There are two additional 1 port NICs (i210s).20:19
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