Wednesday, 2015-10-28

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pacerhi! anyone here knowledgeable about the internals of the Turbot?16:28
pacerSpecifically, I know the MBM had its UEFI living on a SPI flash chip. Is the Turbot the same way?16:29
pacernvm, answered my own question - it does. To my discredit I wasn't expecting that level of technical detail on the product brief.16:31
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pacerfollow-up - is that SPI boot flash chip the same as the one that was on the MBM?16:36
pacer(still asking about the Turbot)16:37
jimt1I don't know if it's the same.  it should behave the same, why?16:37
prpplaguepacer: it is the same part, but it's connected differently with the mux, so it operates at 3.3V on turbot, whereas it operates at 1.8V on the max16:40
prpplaguepacer: ADI has said they did this to make it easier to use off the shelf products like bus pirate to program the flash on the turbot16:40
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pacerthanks for your answer prpplague!21:53
pacerthe schematics for the turbot (p.20) suggest interchangeability between 1.8V and 3.3V chips. Know anything about that?21:53
prpplaguepacer: yes that was done as a backup during testing21:54
prpplaguepacer: since the original max was done at 1.8V21:54
prpplaguepacer: most of the compatible chips will work on a range from 1.5V to 3.6V21:54
prpplaguepacer: so it's all the same part21:54
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