Sunday, 2015-11-01

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warthog9wmat: they were derived on coreboot02:26
warthog9wmat: so ultimately not sure02:26
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zentrumwarthog9: if i understood it correctly the coreboot guys are trying hard to make minnowboard part of 4.2 release11:21
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minnewbHey guys ! I'm having a bit of struggle booting a x86 wheezy on my Max. I tried different things and I'm not sure why its not able to boot.12:23
minnewbNote that yes I installed a 32bits firmware to match the x86 wheezy12:23
minnewbIs there any particular known issues with the Max and Wheezy (7.9) ? Is anyone using a 32bit wheezy on his Max ?12:24
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tbrminnewb: 32bit UEFI is/was tricky AFAIU15:41
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minnewb@tbr Yeah, looks like..15:55
tbrdo you have something hooked up to the debug UART or does HDMI work?15:56
minnewbYup, I can use UART and HDMI, both work well15:56
tbryou might want to share some more details about how it fails to boot then?15:59
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minnewbI think I'll post a message with detailled information on the mailing list, that'll be easier for me. Thanks Tbr16:16
minnewb(english isn't my native language and I take quite a bit of time to write properly... so ;))16:18
minnewbanyway thank you, see you there probably16:18
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warthog9zentrum: I thought we were in mainline for coreboot already, either way good to hear :-)19:22
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zentrumwarthog9: no, unfortunately minnowboard is still not in mainline, thats the reason why the elinux org tutorial mentions a specfic git version22:33
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