Tuesday, 2015-11-03

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myselfSo, I've found some threads from last year, about Mouser demanding some silly export paperwork for Minnowboard orders. Last update was that they "should not" be doing that, but as of today, they still are.19:35
myselfIs there someone at CircuitCo I can slap Mouser with, or someone at Mouser I can utter a magic incantation to? I'm buying a dev board for work and I can't imagine the shitstorm it'll start if I ask the legal department to fill out an export control form -- currently we don't have *anything* like that.19:36
jimt1the US government is spooky.19:37
* myself emails danders@circuitco and sighs 19:49
myselfyes, the US government is spooky. And nobody wants to be the test-case so folks tend to err on the side of caution19:50
prpplaguemyself: danders is no longer at circuitco19:58
prpplaguemdp: try rod@circuitco.com19:58
prpplaguemyself: oops that was for you19:59
mdpheh, no thanks ;)19:59
myselfwill do20:00
prpplaguemyself: i'd recommend cc'ing contact@minnowboard.org20:01
myselfwill do that too20:01
myselfanything else before I hit send again? ;)20:02
prpplaguekill a chicken and spread the blood around your display....20:03
prpplaguethat usually works when i have a bad compile issue20:03
prpplagueprobably works for other things too20:03
myselfbest I can do right now is candles, but it can't hurt I guess20:03
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jimt1(bets that over 1/2 the people in this 'room' couldn't actually kill a chicken)21:05
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myselfI've cleaned my own fish, that's about as personable a critter as I've ever personally taken. I met a goose that I subsequently ate, but didn't do the steps in between.21:13
myselfnow.. Minnows, on the other hand...21:13
warthog9myself: killing a Minnow is easy, plug 12v into it ;-)21:34
myselfI've heard of beagles meeting the same grisly fate :(21:35
warthog912v is a harsh voltage21:36
warthog9it giveth, and it taketh21:36
myselfit's really not, but designing to handle it would add 45 cents to the board..21:37
myself5v1 zener after a PTC polyfuse, done21:37
jimt1$0.45 is huge on the BOM cost on BBB and even MB21:38
myselfHm. Unpopulated pads that folks could elect to stuff themselves if they wanted the extra insurance?21:40
myselfI'm not worried about my own boards, but this one's gonna have cow-orkers touching it.21:41
warthog9myself: at least on the MB real estate is in pretty high demand21:45
warthog9not a lot of empty space on the MAX / Turbot21:45
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jimt1engineering is about compromise.21:49
myselfjust like marriage but with more software tools21:55
jimt1<— makes "git merge" joke21:57
warthog9jimt1: I can see the fork, pull, octopus merge, etc jokes now21:59
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warthog9jimt1: I'm not going to get that out of my head for the rest of the day, I just know it22:16
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