Wednesday, 2015-11-04

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ysionneauI'm trying to play with the i2c pin of the minnowboard MAX12:37
ysionneauon the low speed pin header (pins 13 and 15)12:37
ysionneauI hooked those pins to a logic analyzer and I used the i2cdetect linux program to see if I get activity on those pins12:38
ysionneauI tried the 10 i2c buses detected by linux ... none are putting activity on those pins12:38
ysionneauI figure maybe they are configured as GPIO by default and I need to do something to switch them to i2c pins?12:38
ysionneauhere is the i2cdetect dump:
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ahollerlikely pullups12:41
ahollerare needed, but that's just an assumption as I have not looked at the schematics12:42
ysionneaureally? the pull ups are not onboard?! very weird12:43
aholleras said, no idea12:43
ysionneauI would more think of a pin muxing issue12:44
ahollerif the board/soc would have pullups, you likely would have to turn them on too12:45
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ysionneauanyway, if anyone has experience with playing with i2c pin on LSE connector (low speed) :)13:06
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myselfBy default I'd blame pinmux/devicetree, they're always at fault unless they're not :P15:31
myselfSo, this is entertaining. A few hours after Mouser sent along the export paperwork (and I emailed Rod), I've heard nothing back from anyone, but I got a tracking number from Mouser.15:31
myselfIt's sitting in that "A shipping label has been printed" state. 1Z7759450332910062 if anyone wants to follow the saga in realtime, I don't care. Heh.15:35
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warthog9ysionneau: you should see traffic17:24
warthog9I don't think you need the pull ups17:24
warthog9ysionneau: how are you attempting to push traffic over the bus, and what distro / os are you using?17:25
ysionneauI'm using Debian Jessie 64bits17:28
ysionneauI'm attempting to push traffic using for i in $(seq 9); do i2cdetect -F $i; done17:28
ysionneauwith those i2ctools
ysionneau(the tools are in the tools directory)17:29
ysionneauanyway, I went to the local store and I bought an Arduino to act as I2C master :p17:29
ysionneauso it's no longer urgent17:29
warthog9ysionneau: I assume you haven't changed the firmware on the board?17:34
ysionneauI haven't17:34
warthog9I know that there's potentially a level shifting problem, but if you have it hooked up to a scope you should still see that line twiddling17:35
ysionneauyep I've read about the level shifter issue :/17:35
ysionneaubut I agree I should see something17:35
ysionneauis the I2C port on LSE part of my 10 i2C buses ? see
ysionneaumaybe I just don't detect it17:36
ysionneaumaybe I need some driver17:36
ysionneau(I mean, maybe the kernel just don't detect my i2c bus)17:36
warthog9should be i2c-[12]17:36
warthog9likely 117:36
ysionneau12 ?17:36
ysionneau1 or 217:36
warthog91 or 217:36
warthog91 is likely the lse, 2 is likely the HSE17:36
ysionneauah so it's the  Synopsys DesignWare stuff17:36
ysionneauso indeed it's detected17:36
ysionneauok anyway let's not lose your time on this :)17:37
ysionneaumy logic analyzer is seeing the arduino i2c without problem17:37
ysionneauso I can keep working17:37
warthog9if you swing back around on it let me know, I'm curious myself17:38
ysionneauok I will, thanks!17:42
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