Thursday, 2015-11-05

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zentrumhmm, why does the tianocore uefi does not have a Csm module?21:13
zentrumwhat I read so far things should be easy to support Csm too? =>
warthog9zentrum: as I understand it, it adds too much size to the firmware to fit into the existing chip21:17
zentrumhmm, its a pity, would solve all my problems21:18
zentrummaybe a custom seabios (stripped to the HW needed for minnowboard) can do the trick and make it smaller?21:19
warthog9we've got 8MB of space on the spi flash, it's almost completely used.  Even compiling the firmware with GCC (since it's apparently not quite as compact as MSVS or LLVM/CLANG) causes the firmware to be too large, and forces a subset of UEFI to be used21:19
warthog9zentrum: maybe, I'm actually re-doing the instructions for coreboot right now21:19
* warthog9 points at the compile window21:19
zentrummartin is doing the commits today for coreboot iirc21:20
warthog9team internally claimed master should work21:20
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warthog9but I'm getting a compile error (after fighting for a while with the tools setup for a day)21:20
myselfFor anyone following the export-controls saga: I got a call from Mouser last night, and they followed up again today. The export certification thing was sent automatically, even though obviously my shipping address is in the US, so they manually overrode it and shipped the board anyway. No idea why this is an issue, but UPS says it should be here tomorrow. I still don't understand why it's even flagged21:23
myself as controlled anyway. :/21:23
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warthog9myself: odd21:23
myselfyeah, folks from circuitco have said it shouldn't even be flagged, so I have no idea what's got into mouser.21:25
warthog9no idea21:25
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aholler_sounds like a story from someone whos name was on an US blacklist21:49
aholler_because names are that unique ;)21:49
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