Monday, 2015-11-16

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holominhi all, I have a minmax freezing at least a couple of times every day. I'm running arch linux with 4.0.4. I used already journalctl and took a look at error/warning/debug messages and before --Restart-- log line I dont see anything at all giving me a clue of what happened. Anyone has any clue where could I keep searching?14:43
tbrwhat workloads are you running on the system?14:46
holominaround 20%14:51
tbrcheck if it gets hot15:00
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holominaccording to sensors I havent seen more than 60 degrees15:09
tbryou could try to attach to the UART and hook it up to console. that way you might get more messages, as it will still print even if filesystem is no longer writeable15:12
holominI have it attached to uart interface (6 pin connector) but I see only boot messages, as long as linux starts then I get no more messages on this interface15:15
holominam I missing some configuration or shall I use another uart interface?15:16
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tbrcheck "cat /proc/cmdline" if it contains ttyS015:27
holominno, this is my config: initrd=\initramfs-linux-custom.img root=/dev/sda4 rw resume=/dev/sda315:29
tbrright, you'll want to fix that15:30
tbrthis depends on your distro15:30
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holominthanks @trb to point me in that direction. now I just need to figure out how to do it, I have tried already for half an hour.. do you have any idea in arch linux?16:06
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* tbr doesn't use arch16:10
tbrquerying the search engine of least distrust yields:
holominI was trying this with no sucess, I'll keep trying, thanks!16:14
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warthog9wmat: I have to slack at SOME POINT20:47
warthog9all work, and no play drives warthog9's insane20:47
wmatwarthog9: ok, we'll let you this time ;)20:57
warthog9wmat: yeah I've actually got a fair amount of vacation coming up20:58
warthog9turkey day20:58
warthog9and chunk of time up in Canada20:58
wmateverything is better in Canada ;)20:59
warthog9wmat: can't argue with a country that has snow and poutine20:59
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ecdhewarthog9, if you're in the corridor area, I'd love to give you a tour of our shop.21:52
warthog9ecdhe: going to be around turkey day next week22:02
warthog9not sure if you'll be around or not22:02
warthog9get in Wed, out Sunday22:02
ecdhewarthog9, I'm around.22:02
ecdheThursday may be busy for me.22:02
warthog9err sorry next wed to the following sunday22:03
warthog9(think you know what I meant though)22:03
ecdheWhat time are you in on Wednesday?22:03
warthog9good question...22:03
warthog9not flying my normal airline22:03
warthog9after 6pm it looks like22:04
ecdheAre you flying to CID?22:04
ecdheOr driving from ORD?22:04
warthog9no CID22:04
warthog9i don't accept ORD to be a "local" airport ;-)22:04
warthog9DSM or MLI are better options than driving to ORD22:04
* warthog9 notes he's sitting in ORD right now22:05
ecdheAhh, yes.22:05
ecdheMidway is better.22:05
ecdheBut it's still a drive.22:05
ecdheGive me a minute, there's a sandwich shop next door.22:05
ecdheLet me see when they'll be open next week...22:06
warthog9looks like I'm out kinda crazy late on Sunday too22:09
ecdheOkay, sandwich shop is 7-4 Wed and Fri/Sat.22:14
ecdheClosed Thursday and Sunday.22:14
warthog9Fri/Sat might work22:15
ecdheOkay.  I think I sent you my cell number in an email a while back.22:15
warthog9you are up CR way right?22:15
warthog9either works :-)22:19
warthog9Sat might be better, as I suspect the 'rents will want to do things on Friday22:19
ecdheCamping outside best buy...22:20
warthog9thankfully, no22:20
warthog9we generally believe in the hiding Friday morning and if we partake of the black friday, it's all online22:20
warthog9less trampling and generally feeling ill will towards fellow humans22:21
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ecdheLong lines, trampling, stabbing -- none of these foster peace and love.22:23
ecdheMy email with contact info was on 2015-07-07.22:23
myselfRealizing I have a kilowatt inverter in the car... should throw the big Bunn coffee machine in the back and sell coffee and donuts to campers at 5am ;)22:24
ecdhewarthog9, 2015-07-07.22:24
warthog9I want to say I saw it recently22:25
warthog9found it22:25
ecdheSend me a text Friday sometime if you have an idea when on Saturday would work.22:32
ecdheI'm fairly open at the moment but local social life invitations have a way of filling up my slots.22:33
ecdheI'm heading out, warthog9, catch you later!22:34
warthog9ecdhe: toodles!22:35
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