Tuesday, 2015-11-17

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savocawarthog9: where are you guys based?04:16
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warthog9savoca: Portland area18:12
*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki http://wiki.minnowboard.org | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | Turbot information now on the wiki"18:13
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zentrumpuh, seams quite hard to build edk2 for the minnowboard19:58
zentrumi thought i saw already an information how to build it19:58
zentrummaybe, i can skip an (U)EFI component to free enough memory to include a seabios Csm into the firmware19:59
warthog9zentrum: it's not an obvious build path, from the last time I looked at it20:03
zentrumexactly, thats the reason why its quite hard20:06
zentrumand the license issues may prevent offering a ready to use build, i guess20:06
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warthog9zentrum: shouldn't21:18
warthog9if they do let me know and I'll go chat with folks21:19
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