Wednesday, 2015-11-18

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wmatwarthog9: so with Sage Engineering no more, is SageBIOS no longer available?01:56
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warthog9wmat: that's my understanding07:02
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zentrumwarthog9: I found the link how to build minnowboard efi =>
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zentrumhmm, i would really like to build a version for the minnowboard including the seabios csm, but it looks like I do not need to start at all? => the binary size created using GCC (Linux environment) is ~20% lager than the size of the binary created using the Microsoft toolchain (Windows Environment)10:31
zentrumaccording to Section 8.210:32
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wmatwarthog9: perhaps SageBios should be removed from the wiki12:39
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myselfSo, it looks like the minnowmax audio lure hasn't materialized. Supposing I were to want to do audio from the board, would a USB soundcard be the easiest route?15:16
* reanguiano was wondering the same, looks like usb or hdmi for audio15:19
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myselfIt looks like the audio pins on the connector are Intel HDA that you'd stick an external codec chip onto, so it's not a simple matter of soldering a jack and some isolation caps or something. I'm sure those codec chips aren't in friendly packages, either.15:22
myselfThough HDMI is an interesting idea, is that unidirectional? I need mic too, but... I should look at whether my monitor has an audio output for whatever it pulls off the hdmi...15:23
myselfjust for grins. That could be useful separately.15:23
* reanguiano is starting to look at touchscreen integration options for this platform15:29
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wmatreanguiano: is that ricardo formerly of CodeSourcery?16:30
reanguianowmat: Yes. I still have the CSL address, so only somewhat formerly. :-)16:30
wmatreanguiano: greetings, it's been awhile16:31
reanguianowmat: Salutations. How are things up North? Yes, time does fly. :-)16:34
wmatreanguiano: things are great, except for the fact that winter is coming ;)16:35
reanguianowmat: I hear that happens in some parts of the world. We're hoping for some winter here in CA soonish.16:36
wmatare there many of the CodeSourcery crew still with Mentor?16:36
reanguianoA smaller group for sure, but yes. We just posted a bunch of openacc patches on the gcc list.16:37
av500myself: HDMI is one way only for audio16:37
av500and lacking an audio lure, usb looks like a good idea16:37
wmatav500: can you hack together an audio lure this weekend please?16:38
av500wmat: if only I had a minnow16:38
av500I could plug a usb soundcard in no time16:39
av500and blog about it16:39
reanguianoIt has been a while since I looked at USB audio. Looks like there's a ton of good options out there now.16:42
reanguiano"good": better or at least more abundant than before.16:42
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calculusspeaking of audio, for whatever reason I am not getting audio out over hdmi17:50
calculusmaybe a kernel config/command arg17:50
calculusis missing17:50
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warthog9zentrum: llvm+clang is roughly on par (code size wise) as MSVS19:09
warthog9myself: those lures are getting worked on, but yes quickest and easiest path to audio is usb19:09
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