Thursday, 2015-11-19

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zentrumwarthog9: interesting, the coreboot guys are telling me the whole time, gcc produces 20% smaller binaries than clang?07:50
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warthog9zentrum: it could just be how the respective code bases are written17:59
warthog9but that's interesting, because the Tianocore guys say that MSVS and llvm+clang are roughly on par code size wize, and gcc is something like 20% bigger18:00
zentrumwarthog9: had a horrible journey so far, first i thought, i can use a minnowboard and port minix to it18:06
zentrumas i thought it would be a great opportunity to start x64, dual core and efi18:06
martinrzentrum, warthog9: minnowboard is working again with coreboot master18:15
zentrummartinr: thx a lot! :)18:17
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martinrabsolutely.  I was frustrated that it took so long.18:17
zentrummartinr: at the end, its great to have it now, but it seems seabios does not work with sdio, right?18:18
martinrI haven't played with it much.18:20
zentrumits a hell, the baytrail chipset have MMIO serial only, so minix does not work with serial console (their tty is only able to handle 0x3f818:20
zentrumplain edk2 efi does not support CSM, and so on...18:20
martinrthere's one legacy serial port.18:21
zentrumon baytrail?18:21
martinrI should get coreboot working with the MMIO serial - right now it only puts out the console on the legacy port.18:21
zentrumthats pretty strange, as i do not get any output after grub-efi starts the system, same for booting via coreboot18:22
martinrhuh.  No idea.18:23
zentrumwill investigate it in the next days18:23
warthog9martinr: \o/ yay!18:23
warthog9I should go and do those patches to make sure it says MAX / Turbot too18:23
zentrummartinr: so, i can just build the master and add a seabios payload and everythings fine?18:24
martinrYeah, this is a different set of patches than the ones i posted.18:24
martinrzentrum: it should work, yes.18:24
martinryou might have to start your config from scratch.18:24
martinrmake sure that the microcode is generated from .h files.18:25
martinrthat's a new option, and it won't get enabled by default if you start from an existing .config.18:25
zentrumok, will also try it out in the next days, the end of the year is getting closer and everyone is going crazy to finish everything ;(18:27
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HoloPedHey guys19:07
HoloPedHas anyone worked with Windows Embedded 8? I can't install Python or VCRedist.19:07
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wmatHoloPed: are you getting errors?20:28
HoloPedwmat, yeah21:04
wmatwell, you might want to give a hint as to what they are so that someone can help you21:05
wmatunfortunately, i know nothing of windows21:06
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warthog9HoloPed: what errors?21:28
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