Wednesday, 2015-11-25

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HoloPedHey all, does anyone have experiance with Windows 8.1 Embedded? I have a problem where the Windows folder just keeps growing and is now 16gb, taking almost all my drive. This is an almost clean install.15:47
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av500isnt that how windows always worked?16:22
HoloPedmaybe, but I kinda thought that an EMBEDDED version would be different16:24
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warthog9HoloPed: I haven't loaded it up, but my understanding was it had a lot of stuff pre-installed with it17:54
warthog9I think a lot of it can be removed / disabled17:55
bcranHoloPed: is that *real* space used, or could it be symlinks etc. that Windows isn't smart enough to realize is duplicated?17:57
bcrana bit old, but
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