Thursday, 2015-12-03

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warthog9The word press site is dead, long live the wiki!01:16
warthog9also for anyone who wants to use their elinux creds to log into the wiki, this now works (via the openid login)01:16
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ds2is the MinnowMax based on the Bay Trail or the Bay Trail R processor (trying to read some kernel code and there appears to be 2 flavors and I am having a hard time finding the differences)02:09
wmatds2: Atom E3800 (Bay Trail-I)02:21
wmatds2: the Turbot is E382502:23
wmatsorry, E382602:23
wmatthe MAX is a E382502:23
ds2so the BayTrail R is a totally different beast?02:29
ds2I see baytrail and baytrail R drivers yet the datasheet is a E3800 family datasheet :/02:30
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wmatds2: no idea what Baytrail R is12:55
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CyanoticAxolotlBay Trail-R...huh...14:32
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warthog9ds2: the E38xx series cpus are Bay Trail-I SoCs17:58
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jamesfuocohello everyone. thinking of taking the mbm design and increasing the RAM on it, from 2 GB to 8 GB. Anyone ever done this?22:42
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warthog9hope james pops back22:54
warthog9as that might not be entirely doable :-/22:54
calculusdoes the CPU even support 8GB, I thought 4GB would be max on the max22:57
warthog9so I've got conflicting reports on that23:13
warthog9ark claims 8GB23:13
warthog9I was approached by a company, grief year+ ago or something like that that has a ram package that's supposedly certified for the 38xx that's double that23:14
warthog9but to get to the, official, 8gb you need both channels of memory - on the MAX and Turbot, we only pinned out 1 of those 2 channels23:14
warthog9so 4GB I think is doable with only a relatively minor change23:15
warthog98GB might be doable by using that other memory stuff23:15
warthog9but official 8GB is laying down an entire memory channel23:15
warthog9and almost certainly increasing the size of the board23:15
calculusso the timeline is max zero, and then the super max with quad core, 8GB :P23:19
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calculusso no PoP memory for the E38xx?23:20
warthog9calculus: I think that might have been what the one company that had double the density was proposing23:22
warthog9it's the second time in the last day or two they've come up, I should see if I can find that e-mail23:22
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