Wednesday, 2015-12-09

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wmatwarthog9: ping01:33
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warthog9wmat: pong03:45
wmatwarthog9: hey03:52
wmati was having issues with my MAX. I reattached the silverjaw and it wouldn't boot into the os anymore03:53
wmati've since moved on though and built coreboot03:54
wmatthe instructions on the wiki are somewhat outdated btw03:54
wmatbut i managed to build using the atom-e3800-minnowboard-max-platform-guide.pdf03:55
warthog9wmat: cool, I'll double check it with the stuff I've got at work - and yeah, it was somewhat outdated (had a page open with edits but hadn't completed them yet)03:59
warthog9so you beat me to the punch03:59
wmatoh i haven't edited yet :/03:59
wmatjust want to try flashing coreboot onto the MAX with the SPI Hook04:00
wmathmmm, wrong image size04:22
wmatthat's the ROM chip size setting, no?04:22
wmatI set it to 8MB04:22
wmathmmm, it still builds as 404:24
wmatall i did was make menuconfig again and changed it04:25
wmatthen make04:25
wmatwhere does the config file get written?04:27
wmathmmm, config_board_romsize_kb_8192=y04:29
wmatyet flashrom gives me: Error: Image size (4194304 B) doesn't match the flash chip's size (8388608 B)!04:30
wmatnvm, make clean, duh04:36
wmatwell, that didn't work, nothing on reboot04:45
wmatsleep time04:50
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dl9pfwarthog9: yes, travelling but I'll read this channel05:47
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zentrumim trying to develop a serial driver for the minnowboard using the HSUART (device 30, function 3 as described in baytrail)15:51
zentrumunfortunately i just cannot connect and i found a couple of links mentioning the HSUART is NOT connected to 6 pin serial?15:52
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wmatzentrum: I thought they were on ttyS4 & ttyS5?16:21
zentrumwmat: do not know where they are in linux16:49
zentrumtried to make it boot via serial line with minix16:50
wmatzentrum: they are connected on the Low Speed expansion connector16:52
wmatzentrum: I have no idea how it would work in Minix though16:53
zentrumwmat: saw it already in the expansion connector now16:56
zentrumIm also able to talk with the HSUART device in minix16:56
zentrumbut I do not know wheter my ftdi usb cable does it right16:57
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wmatwarthog9: got a little farther, Coreboot boots, but the SeaBIOS isn't loaded17:32
wmatthe kindle version of this book is free: Embedded Firmware Solutions: Development Best Practices for the Internet of Things17:55
wmatit has lots of Coreboot and MMAX info in it17:56
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zentrumwmat: basically, I thought it might be a good idea to make minnowboard a reference platform for minix18:43
zentrumunfortunately, there are so many variables (uefi without csm, coreboot with seabios, where seabios handles a couple of things not right...., missing VBE support in minix, no standard serial console...)18:44
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wmat_franck_: did you get Coreboot+SeaBIOS working?19:02
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_franck_wmat: I didn't even try to flash the coreboot.rom I generated :) I need to build an adapter for my SPI flash programmer19:10
_franck_wmat: did you read this ?:
wmat_franck_: yes, in fact I grabbed that book today as it's free.  I think my issue is that I'm flashing over the whole ROM.19:13
_franck_well in #coreboot I had confirmation that TXE blob is not required for baytrail19:14
_franck_however flash descriptor is required19:15
_franck_so that might be the issue19:15
wmatthx, i'll check again19:22
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wmat_franck_: got it working. I hadn't accommodated for the flash descriptor20:14
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_franck_wmat: did you keep TXE ? Did you copy the flash descriptor from the original rom ?20:41
warthog9wmat: would it help for me to throw up my .config for coreboot?20:42
wmat_franck_: I reflashed with the original UEFI rom to return it to it's original state then flashed with coreboot using the 8MB.xml file20:42
wmatwarthog9: is that the one that wget's in the instructions20:42
wmatthen sure20:42
wmatnow to get it to boot an OS20:46
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wmati have a few differences20:53
wmatI have no Southbridge settings20:53
wmatare you using an older version of Coreboot?20:53
warthog9that's mainline from less than a month ago20:57
warthog9just before Mentor Summit20:57
warthog9martinr's changes should be in mainline now20:58
wmati'm running the master branch21:00
martinrmaster branch should be working at this point.21:01
wmatmartinr: yes, it seems to be21:02
wmathitting esc doesn't bring up a boot menu however21:03
martinron serial console?21:04
martinror a keyboard connected to the device?21:04
wmateither serial console or a keyboard connected to the device21:04
martinrOk, I'll test that out and give feedback to kevin2.21:06
wmathang on, now it's working after i unplugged the silverjaw21:06
wmatlet me plug it back in21:06
martinrI don't think the standard SeaBIOS takes input over serial console, but the keyboard should be working...21:07
wmatnow both devices are there21:07
wmatyes, this is from the keyboard21:07
* reanguiano boots up his minnowboardmax21:24
wmathmmm, the upper USB port on my board seems to be dead21:37
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martinrwmat are you using a usb3 hub by any chance?21:42
martinroh, upper is the 2.0.21:43
warthog9wmat: yeah hubs don't work ;-)21:45
wmatwarthog9: even when they're onboard?21:56
wmatfedora live usb craps out everytime :(21:58
warthog9usb3's are apparently broken21:58
warthog9but I did get that one real-time os cluster thing to boot with coreboot from a usb3 stick plugged right in21:59
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zentrumhmm, for me ESC is not working too23:10
zentrum(to get into seabios menu)23:11
* reanguiano does not see an option in the seabios menus to turn on serial IO for the board to deal with UEFI shell over serial23:24
wmatzentrum: in the serial terminal? I don't think it works there.23:32
* reanguiano had his RX/TX pins backwards; can haz serial23:33
* reanguiano confirms: neither F2 or DEL works to bring the serial console into the seabios setup screens23:35
reanguianoI can only get to the bios setup with a hdmi monitor and a keyboard.23:35
* reanguiano is ok with this23:35
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zentrumwmat: also via keyboard23:41
zentrumthe perfect firmware would be tianocore efi WITH seabios as CSM for me at the moment23:42
warthog9don't think we have the storage capacity on the flash chip for that :-/23:43
zentrumi know, but on the other side, maybe something could be stripped?23:44
warthog9zentrum: the obvious thing to strip out would mean that the board doesn't boot23:44
warthog9the CPU requires a ~5MB blob for the ME to come up and for the CPU to work :-/23:45
zentrumthought more on efi additions?23:45
warthog9zentrum: I wonder if you can chain load a CSM from a UEFI boot partition23:45
warthog9that would work, assuming it can be done23:47
zentrumwarthog9: or trying to put a 128mbit flash chip for bios on the next minnowboard revision :P23:47
warthog9zentrum: I have notes regarding those kind of things already23:47
warthog9including notes about wanting a second (likely smaller) chip to store things like board manufacturer, version, any additional acpi tables, etc23:48
zentrummy most important wish would be an intel i210 NIC23:48
warthog9there are notes about nics23:48
zentrumthe realtek is really crappy :|23:48
warthog9I've surprisingly found it to be quite usable given it's a realtek23:49
warthog9but our workloads may be different enough that you are hitting something I'm not23:49
zentrumi210 rocks, amazing how much intel is doing in hardware23:49
zentrum~45% more load compared to my other system with an i21023:50
warthog9at the CPU level?23:51
warthog9that would be obnoxious23:51
zentrumon the other side, intel has a lot of broken drivers in the wild ATM23:52
zentrumso, your chances are good to toast your nic with an intel driver update ;)23:53
warthog9report the bugs23:54
zentrumat intel? they know it23:54
warthog9doesn't hurt to dog pile on the bugzilla entry23:54
zentrumok, will do it.23:57
zentrumand getting rid of the whole legacy stuff like ehci would be nice too :)23:58
zentrumxhci is more complicated to implement but taking care of one HC is easier than taking care of two :)23:59

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