Thursday, 2015-12-10

zentrumwarthog9: completely off topic in #minnowboard but do you know whether intel is releasing a FSP for the Intel Edison too?00:00
warthog9zentrum: I can genuinely say I have no idea00:00
zentrumwould be nice to find a way to get rid of u-boot00:00
warthog9zentrum: sjg1_ has support for u-boot on Minnow ;-)00:01
zentrumhey, i wanna get rid of u-boot ;)00:01
zentrummakes it quite hard to boot a multiboot-compliant header00:02
warthog9zentrum: I'm teasing ;-)00:02
zentrumsure, understood :)00:02
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sjg1_zentrum: You should ask about multiboot on the mailing - it is certainly supported on ARM and Tom Rini mentioned that it is a simple fix to make  it work on x8600:17
sjg1_Assuming I understand what you mean by multiboot00:17
maxkingHas anyone used a latest self compiled yocto kernel on minnowboard? Say 4.1 or 4.2?00:17
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zentrumsjg1_: i mean the this =>
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ahollerhmpf, module signature validation is broken this month ...09:36
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zentrumsorry for asking, but im getting crazy with my serial and the minnowboard15:14
zentrum is my code to access the HSUART15:15
zentrumthe atom-e3800-family-datasheet tells me, there are three ways to use the HSUART, the first one is DMA.15:16
zentrumI try to do that but looks like my code just wrong or i do access the wrong console?15:16
zentrumusing the LPC, uart 1 rx/tx and ground15:17
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* reanguiano has built a 64-bit image; finds himself in need of 32-bit libs; looks at YP docs20:41
* reanguiano finds
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warthog9zentrum: the HSUARTs are the ones in the LSE, the LPSS uart is the one hooked to the 6-pin connector20:47
warthog9zentrum: (not sure if that helps mind)20:47
zentrumwarthog9: found it already, what a mess :/20:52
zentrumtried to activate the LPSS uart via PCI, but it seems not working, maybe a timing issue20:53
zentrumbuilding now a new coreboot image with legacy uart enabled20:53
warthog9zentrum: did you see my config I posted yesterday?20:54
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zentrumwhere did you post it?20:58
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sjg1_zentrum: OK, got it. I suppose we could implement that in U-Boot. I actually ripped out some of that code a while back - I think it was there from ages back, but perhaps not fully implemented21:10
zentrumsjg1_: would be quite funny :)21:13
zentrumand thanks already in advace :)21:13
zentrummartinr: <= is it already up to date? IÃ'm wiondering about checking out a specific commit?21:17
martinryou shouldn't need to right now.  HEAD should work.21:18
zentrumgreat :)21:18
zentrumI assume the remaining steps are still needed (FSP, ifd and so on...)?21:19
sjg1_martinr: Are you the Martin I think you are?21:21
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calculushe is not the droid you are looking for23:23
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