Friday, 2015-12-11

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patrik_workDid pxe boot ever work on the Minnow v1? Been trying it out but the network seems unstable.14:17
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zentrumpatrik: unstable or took to long?17:38
zentrumpatrik: my experience was tftp is quite slow and everything was really fast with ipxe and http17:38
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zentrumwarthog9: minix3 runs NOW with a serial console :)19:27
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warthog9zentrum: w00t!20:56
warthog9zentrum: are we going to have official support by x-mas? ;-)20:56
zentrumminixcon is 2016-02-01 and we will present it there definitely20:57
zentrumhope, we get into master before x-mas20:58
zentrumat the end, the missing CTS/RTS pins broke the compatibility with the existing code20:58
zentrumnow, we removed CTS/RTS from tty and everything's fine so far20:59
zentrummaybe we manage to get a Turbot, its not so easy to get in Europe21:00
zentrummy boss was already asking, why we are not selling the minnowboards in germany ;)21:01
wmatzentrum: so it's working with Coreboot/SeaBIOS?21:04
zentrumwmat: yes, martinr helped me a lot to bake a working ROM21:04
wmatvery nice21:04
zentrummy next try would be Tiano 32bit21:05
wmatyou should definitely document this on the wiki21:05
wmati've been to busy to experiment further since my initial flashing of Coreboot to my MAX21:05
wmatbut it wouldn't boot directly into a Linux that I'd previously installed an a harddrive attached to a SIlverjaw lure21:06
zentrumhehe, i know the feeling, btw looks like FSP Version 4 does not work with HDMI on minnowboard21:06
wmatso I suspect I've configured Coreboot incorrectly21:06
zentrumwmat: i can give you the ROM, martinr gave me, if you want?21:07
zentrumseabios 1.9 included21:07
zentrumI also had a lot of traouble yesterday, the microcode and the FSP Version 4 did not work out21:08
zentrumnext big step for minix would be to use SD card for the system and the RTL8111 nic21:09
zentrumand for coreboot, i will try out iPXE21:09
zentrumat least on my other boards it helped a lot to reduce the roundtrip time21:10
wmatsure, can you post it somewhere?21:10
wmatalthough I'm really interested in the correct instructions to build Coreboot/SeaBIOS myself21:11
zentrumwmat: martinr will update the instructions on minnowboard wiki21:11
wmatah excellent!21:11
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_franck_zentrum: did you make it work with FSP Version 4 ?21:32
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zentrum_franck_: no, only version 3, to be precise, I did not even manage it to build with version 3 but i got one from martin21:48
zentrumseems like there are glitches with HDMI and mirocodes21:49
_franck_ok, good to know21:55
warthog9zentrum, wmat: we should pool our knowledge and get the wiki page for coreboot updated so others can roll their own22:23
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martinrwarthog9: I've got a document started, I'll share it with you when it's a little more complete.22:50
martinrI'm also going to get something posted to coreboot's board-status repo, hopefully this weekend.22:51
martinrAnd my thought was to post my script that downloads all the pieces and just does the build.22:52
warthog9martinr: that would be awesome22:54
warthog9zentrum: btw you should have seen the look on the faces of the group I was talking to earlier when I mentioned you got Minix3 booting on the board22:54
warthog9they were like "WHAAAaaa?!"22:54
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