Monday, 2015-12-14

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zentrumhmm, realtek is quite unfriendly, asked them to get the data sheet and register map for the Realtek 8111GS-GC and they told im not not a integrator nor a manufacturer, so they will not hand it out.12:02
zentrumso, looks like i skip the NIC support for minnowboard and focus on getting the usb class driver for network running12:03
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warthog9zentrum: that's unfortunate :-/17:54
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warthog9zentrum: like I said there's BSD and Linux drivers if you want to crib from something, but it's awfully obnoxious to not be able to get that datasheet17:55
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wmatzentrum: there's datasheets out there that could move you along18:15
zentrumwmat: thanks! I already found a lot of them, unfortunately no one addressed the minnowoboard max NIC18:25
zentrumwarthog9: seems like, i have to reverse it from *BSD, yes18:25
dl9pf_warthog9: pong back from travel, are you there ?18:41
warthog9dl9pf_: vaguely right now18:42
dl9pf_From the top of your head ... do you have a pointer for egl+wayland+qt5 on minnowmax ? I found a few references, but no set of PREFERED_PROVIDERS_whatever, that would compile that combination.18:44
warthog9dl9pf_: I do not have one off the top of my head18:45
warthog9dl9pf_: I can go digging if you want?18:45
warthog9(it'll be this afternoon at the earliest18:45
dl9pf_not urgent, but if you have a hint, that would be cool18:46
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ltdan_is there any way I can move the MBM's system serial console from "uart3" to uart1?20:30
givemefivemodify the kernel/grub command line?20:32
ltdan_more specifically, i want the uefi console on uart120:34
prpplagueltdan_: you can do a fresh build of the UEFI firmware and change the default uart20:37
prpplagueltdan_: it's not fixed in hardware20:37
prpplagueltdan_: is there a specific reason you want to do that?20:37
ltdan_i'm working on a similar atom-based board, using mbm as a development aid20:48
prpplagueltdan_: ahh21:04
_franck_anyone has ever compile an UEFI firmware with edk2 ? prpplague did you ?21:26
prpplague_franck_: yea i've done several builds21:31
prpplague_franck_: not my area of expertise, but yea21:31
_franck_I just found bld_vlv.sh21:33
_franck_it does compile the whole thing right ?21:33
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