Wednesday, 2015-12-16

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savocawarthog9: do you know if i2c speed is configurable? if not, what's the speed on the GPIO headers?23:32
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warthog9savoca: should be configurable23:35
savocagot any ideas on where to look?23:35
warthog9second *goes to look at the source*23:35
savocadesignware subsystems look pretty vague, and nothing via sysfs seems configurable23:35
warthog9savoca: it would likely be in the driver instantiation, might not be exposed via sysfs23:42
warthog9savoca: though I could be wrong, and it might not be changeable (so that's why it's worth looking if nothing else)23:42
warthog9k4jh: howdy23:42
k4jhwarthog9 so, the board arrived today, it's been unboxed, and is sitting here waiting to be powered up.23:43
warthog9k4jh: nice!23:43
warthog9k4jh: hope you'23:43
warthog9ll do more than turn it into an NTP server ;-)23:43
k4jhyes, definitely, the Raspberry Pi is doing fine in that role.23:44
savocawarthog9: hmmm okay, thanks!23:44
k4jhI need to find an HDMI cable for this thing.23:44
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k4jhah, found my FTDI serial cable. This means it will get powered up tonight.23:54

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