Monday, 2015-12-28

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HoloPedhey all, is there anywhere a 3d model of the MinnowBoard Max ?00:54
HoloPedI want to make an enclosure00:54
CyanoticAxolotlah dang i used dial calipers to measure it but i forgot the measurements04:19
CyanoticAxolotlwell digital calipers. :)04:20
CyanoticAxolotli'm in the mood for a nap though and all my equipment is at home04:27
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jimt1 (now in-stock, apparently happened while I was out of town.)20:58
zentrumhmm, we would sell it in germany too, but I think its hard to get in touch with someone from adi?21:02
jimt1We'll be selling world-wide (we have a network of resellers).21:04
jimt1I talk to them all the time.21:08
jimt1but I'm happy to forward your info to them.21:08
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