Friday, 2016-01-01

wmatrZr: sorry, i don't have a calamari lure00:53
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warthog9zentrum: awesome news!17:50
warthog9HoloPed: not a good one yet, but there should be one soon17:50
warthog9rZr: and yes it's working17:50
warthog9rZr: keep in mind that the gpio's attached to those LEDs default to PWM17:50
rZrwarthog9, I am using that other 3 color led18:04
rZrwarthog9, btw hacky new year18:05
warthog9on the Calamari?18:05
warthog9rZr: Hacky New Year to you too :-)18:05
warthog9may your level shifters run cool, and your leds be bright18:05
rZryea calamari18:09
rZrthe one from fosdem201518:09
warthog9rZr: MAX or Turbot?18:14
warthog9and doesn't control the RGB led18:14
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rZryea I thought it will control the 2 leds but it doesnt18:15
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rZrled1 and led218:16
warthog9it does control the two individual LEDs18:19
warthog9but the GPIOs they are attached to default to PWM18:19
warthog9so if you have PWM set, the PWM script works18:19
warthog9if they are set to GPIO the GPIO script works18:19
rZrin setup menu ?18:24
warthog9you switch them in the firmware menu18:26
warthog9" LPSS PWM #1 Support"18:27
warthog9hmmmm the default is on, not off18:27
warthog9have to fix that18:27
warthog9hmmmm bunch of things wrong there18:27
warthog9silly firmware team updating things ;-)18:27
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rZrwarthog9, the only issue is that my HDMI output is not working ATM18:35
warthog9do you need pins 22 and 24 as gpio?  If you just have the calamari the leds work with PWM just as well as gpio18:38
warthog9we have scripts for both just as examples18:38
rZrI just wanted to test those scripts18:39
warthog9yeah, you'd have to flip the firmware out of pwm :-/18:39
rZratm I am fine with rgb leds for testing stuff18:39
warthog9so either serial or hdmi output would more or less be needed18:39
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Crofton|workany cool lcd panel options around for the minnow?22:37
tbranything hdmi is probably the easiest?22:38
Crofton|workyeah, it has occured to me I should be able to get something easier to move around than a traditional monitor22:40
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