Saturday, 2016-01-02

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prpplagueCrofton|work: i did not get a chance to share this with you earlier04:49
prpplagueCrofton|work: i like this -
prpplagueCrofton|work: you can use it with a nice tablet stand04:50
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Crofton|workthanks guys11:19
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wmatwow, quite the price difference between adafruit and aliexpress17:33
Crofton|workwhat is delivery like from aliexpress?17:47
tbrfor me it varies between 10 and 35 days17:56
tbrcertainly not for the impatient17:56
tbrimport duty/tax may apply, ofc17:57
HoloPedany tips for running netflix on the max ?21:37
HoloPedits borderline ok21:37
HoloPedjitters here and there21:37
warthog9HoloPed: what OS?21:45
warthog9with moonlight or silverlight?21:49
warthog9or are you using chrome?21:50
wmatwhat is ubuntu installed on? a USB3 thumbdrive?21:51
warthog9ohhhhh there's the new html5 player21:51
warthog9forgot about that21:51
wmatyou could try pipelight, which is an OSS Silverlight21:52
warthog9though it doesn't work for me in FF on Linux :-/21:52
tbrmake sure vaapi works21:53
HoloPedchrome, yes21:53
warthog9yeah, if you don't have vaapi working that could be your problem21:53
HoloPedwmat, an SSD21:53
HoloPedwhat is vaapi ?21:53
warthog9mostly check if vainfo actually returns something21:54
HoloPedok cool21:54
warthog9vainfo: VA-API version: 0.36 (libva 1.4.1)21:54
warthog9vainfo: Driver version: Intel i965 driver for Intel(R) Haswell Mobile - 1.4.121:54
warthog9vainfo: Supported profile and entrypoints21:54
warthog9      VAProfileMPEG2Simple            : VAEntrypointVLD21:54
warthog9(that's from my laptop but you should get something similar on the minnow)21:54
wmatwarthog9: it just works on Chrome on my Ubuntu desktop21:55
warthog9wmat: yeah I'm trying now, I'm curious21:56
* wmat watches Daredevil21:56
warthog9just works21:57
warthog9well that's one less thing I need Windows for21:57
warthog9HoloPed: any luck on the vaapi stuff?21:58
HoloPeddidnt' check yet21:58
HoloPedgotta go turn it on :)21:58
HoloPedok its booting22:00
HoloPedis there a way to get audio out ?22:00
HoloPedone of the pins maybe ?22:00
HoloPedand how about extending the button, is there pins for that or do I have to solder wires ?22:00
warthog9HoloPed: usb22:01
warthog9that's your most expeditious path22:01
HoloPedthought so22:01
warthog9audio lures are getting worked on but I don't know when they'll be available22:01
HoloPedis there a way to get vainfo working on ssh22:02
HoloPedthe system is currently headless22:03
warthog9think X just needs to be running22:04
warthog9and you might have to set your display to :0.022:04
HoloPedand vnc won't connect - no security types found22:04
HoloPedlinux is so tiring22:04
HoloPedevery step I take I get stuck22:05
HoloPedevery time22:05
HoloPedwhat does that mean22:06
HoloPedx needs to be running ?22:06
HoloPedit is running, no ?22:06
warthog9HoloPed: ps axwwwwu | grep -i Xorg.bin22:10
HoloPedsomething weird happened, somehow my password was changed22:16
HoloPedthe system was set to auto-login22:16
HoloPednow it boots and asks for password22:16
HoloPedand doesn't accept it22:16
HoloPedbut I can still SSH with that password22:17
HoloPedgo linux22:17
tbrkeyboard layout?22:17
HoloPedbut why does autologin fail ?22:18
tbrlook at logs22:18
HoloPedwhere/how ?22:18
tbrmy crystal ball is out for repair22:18
HoloPedhow do I access the logs via ssh ?22:18
tbre.g in /var/log22:18
HoloPedwarthog9, moo       2928  1.0  0.1  15944  2392 pts/13   R+   17:17   0:00 grep --color=auto -i Xorg.bin22:18
warthog9HoloPed: if you are sshed in try running22:20
warthog9export DISPLAY=":0.0"22:20
warthog9then running vainfo22:20
HoloPedNo protocol specified22:21
HoloPederror: can't connect to X server!22:21
tbrif there is no user session, it won't work22:21
tbralso you could just try to reset your password using "passwd"22:21
HoloPedok tried a bunch of things, now need to go back downstrairs and see if it worked22:23
HoloPedok I can login now22:28
HoloPedvainfo said something about return 022:29
HoloPedand gave a verison22:29
HoloPedstill can't VNC22:29
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HoloPedwarthog9, here is the result of vainfo :
warthog9looks right22:43
HoloPedso I guess thats it ?22:49
HoloPedthanks, at least I learned something new22:50
HoloPedI think22:50
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