Sunday, 2016-01-03

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Brutserhello, i just found minnowboard a minute ago when browsing for alternatives for the raspberry pi 2 b, boards that not have ARM processor and can support windows - is minnowboard the main solution for this, or are there also other boards with same functionality? - i know you are here to support minnowboard, and i really like the specs, i just want to know about alternatives, so I can make17:06
Brutsera good choice etc.17:06
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tbrlook at the turbot version19:10
tbrthere's also the up-board, no idea if they take orders. their crowd campaign ended a while ago.19:11
tbrthere is also the ARM 64bit dragonboard 410c, capable to run the windows ARM build19:13
tbralso generic x86_64 hardware19:13
Brutserhi tbr19:32
Brutserwell i live in belgium, europe - i am not sure if i can order the turbot - also since i just found the minnowboard, i wondered if there were alternatives, like the intel edison is not really an alternative right?19:33
tbrno it's very different19:33
Brutserwhy the arm processor come so much cheaper with the 5$ raspberry as example19:34
Brutserthe problem is that tool i need to run there is no source and only is compiled for win3219:34
Brutserso i am stuck with a windows platform really19:34
tbrwell that particular board you mention is like a 58619:35
tbra 10+ year old processor architecture19:35
tbrif you are going for cheap, get a used laptop/PC19:35
Brutseryes i was just doing some browsing and some boards pop up19:35
Brutseryea, probably a small laptop might not be bad idea19:36
Brutseri just had my eyes on buying some micro board19:37
Brutseridea started as xmas present for my brother, the rasp 2b19:37
Brutserso then we got talking about it19:37
Brutserand then i noticed the minnowboard and wondered why i not find them more19:38
Brutserin meantime i found some company Lex that also do the same kind of boards19:38
Brutseri just got intriged and like to idea of a new small build :)19:39
tbrI believe the Minnowboard Turbot is currently the only minnowboard available19:39
tbrthere might be european distribution, no idea19:39
Brutserok will look into that, and if not, what you say might be other ideas (beside the used laptop)19:40
tbryou can also look at things like the pcengines and the other small form factor x86 boards, depending on your need19:43
Brutserok yes19:43
tbrI'm not much familiar with running windows on any of these19:43
Brutserwill be custom windows embedded image, but it is at least capable of running my custom tool19:44
tbr.oO(qemu x86 + wine)19:44
Brutsertried, but it runs into problems i cannot fix (yet)19:44
Brutserok tbr, thanks for the advice, i will surely try to get my hands on a minnowboard as i really like the idea19:45
Brutser:) watching the darts at 9:18pm here :)20:18
Brutserany idea if i can purchase the minnowboard in europe?20:20
zentrumturbot and europe is still a problem :)20:20
Brutserok :/20:21
Brutsermaybe someone can send me one? :)20:21
zentrummaybe, my boss manage to import turbot to germany, than its not a big deal at all20:21
zentrumBrutser: you can order at netgate too20:22
zentrumits more expensive but its possible with the expensive freight and customs20:22
Brutseryes, maybe someone can buy and send me as a book? :)20:23
zentrumwont work ;)20:26
Brutseri am not joking, shipping is like $50++ and customs will charge probably same?20:26
BrutserI end up paying 200% for the board20:27
Brutserany alternative to this board that is available on the european market? :/20:27
zentrumwe will order 10 or 12 the next days20:50
zentrummaybe its much cheaper than20:50
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Brutserzentrum: is your shop online?23:17
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