Monday, 2016-01-04

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Brutserhi all. anyone around that can help me get a turbot to belgium - europe? netgate is charging much and customs will charge even more probably...17:01
tbrcustoms is most likely import VAT17:02
tbrso whichever the VAT rate is in belgium17:02
tbrdepending on shipping service they might charge you extra for customs services17:02
Brutsermy board will be so expensive .. :/17:03
tbrBrutser: you could poke jimt1 to inquire about his "worldwide network of resellers" he mentioned before17:04
Brutseri think i not see him mention this, but he is trying to get the board distributed?17:05
tbrzentrum was also interested in setting up distribution for germany, says my IRC log17:08
Brutseryes, last thing i asked him if he has his shop online, so i can keep an eye when he has them in stock17:08
Brutserbut did not catch answer to this yet17:08
Brutserzentrum: can you let me know when you see this?17:11
Brutserjimt1: maybe you can give me some status update for the worldwide distribution of the board?17:11
Brutserto both: i am trying to get a single turbot to my home in belgium, but right now i probably pay 200%+ when customs and shipping is added17:12
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*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | Turbot information now on the wiki | Hope your Holidays were great - now back to the grindstone"17:25
warthog9and thus marks the official end of my vacation ;-)17:25
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* warthog9 digs out email17:33
* warthog9 snags the flame thrower for the e-mail cleaning17:45
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jimt1Brutser: what kind of information?17:46
Brutserjimt1: if you know of some way to buy the turbot in europe directly or that you are planning to distribute some boards to a european seller?17:53
zentrumBrutser: we do not have a shop online ATM, we did import for channel distribution in the past and think about an online shop too18:12
zentrummaybe, my boss needs a poke to get in touch with Adi and/or netgate18:13
zentrumdo not know, what makes more sense18:13
jimt1Bruster (and anyone else).  send email to sales@netgate.com18:14
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HoloPedDoes anyone know of a AC power socket that can be controlled via serial or Ethernet?18:49
zentrum.oO[ hmm, PoE client NIC would be quite cool for the minnowboard ]18:51
prpplagueHoloPed: sfe sells a nice TTL based power switch that can be wired up in many different ways18:53
prpplagueHoloPed: but you could always get some X10 stuff18:53
zentrumwarthog9: looks funny, thx! :)18:55
warthog9zentrum: gets you 3.6a of 5v power over POE18:56
prpplagueHoloPed: i use those for a lot of things18:56
HoloPedprpplague, thats perfect. thanks18:57
warthog9zentrum: or the older (non-encrypted)
warthog9also work18:58
warthog9bonus points that they basically act as a kill-a-watt ;-)18:58
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