Thursday, 2016-01-07

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sluteturbot is nice. i can confirm that the polarity is still wrong on the rtc. just got a battery and it had to go in backwards. works like a charm!04:16
jimt2I'll let ADI know04:18
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slutejimt2: wait04:24
slutelet me double check that...04:24
slutei spoke much too quickly. it's correct!04:25
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slutemy eyes are weakening. sorry about that.04:25
slutea complete power off and power on reveals the time/date has been kept. using: rayovac CR1216 3V Lithium04:27
sluteyou have to do it a certain way though.04:27
sluteif you set it, save it and then remove power you will lose the time. a reboot was necessary after setting it.04:28
slutegreat job guys. awesome customer service in here and increasing documentation.04:29
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wmaton the wiki?04:39
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Crofton|workanyone care to comment on getting on OE build running from the SD card?21:07
wmatCrofton|work: does UEFI see it?21:17
Crofton|workyou speak in tongues21:18
Crofton|workI am goign to try getting it booting from usb, but for my purposes runnign from sd is better21:19
Crofton|worksince I need to use one usb to talk to mouse and the other to talk to sdr dongle21:19
Crofton|workI know I can use a hub also21:19
Crofton|worktrying to keep part count low21:19
wmatdoes the device mapping table in the efi shell list the sdcard?21:22
Crofton|worklet me ru nthe comman d:)21:23
Crofton|workand find a usb thing21:24
* warthog9 had a page on this21:31
warthog9is apparently where it ended up21:32
Crofton|worklets boot from usb thingy21:33
Crofton|workthen I wil optimize21:33
tbrCrofton|work: brute force, have fat partition or whatever that is and put that efi boot script there. that will get run21:47
Crofton|worku-boot, canthis use u-boot? I understand that21:47
warthog9Crofton|work: yes strangely enough21:48
warthog9but sjg1_ about u-boot21:48
Crofton|workfark, wants a kb to boot21:49
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Crofton|workhmm, gqrx audio broken again21:53
Crofton|workok prgoress21:53
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Crofton|workboots, had to manualy tuype in some command22:07
Crofton|workand gqrx has audio issues, which I need to figure out22:08
warthog9Crofton|work: just the fs0: ; bootx64 kind of typing?22:08
warthog9Crofton|work: if so that's relatively easy to fix22:09
Crofton|workby and large pretty good though22:09
warthog9that path in the firmware menu should be correct for that22:09
warthog9though I think the "commit changes" option isn't there anymore, and you'll want to make sure you hit F10 to save there22:10
* warthog9 should grumble at the firmware team about that agin22:10
tbror you do it from within linux22:12
tbrwith that thingmabobcommand22:12
Crofton|worktouchscreen looks ok22:14
Crofton|workand backlight power coming from usb22:14
Crofton|workI've got a customer issue to solve in the morning, then I should be able to get back on this22:15
Crofton|workbut looks good for getting this up for FOSDEM without a lot of trouble22:16
Crofton|workbeahves just like the one on the e310 pretty much, need to remeber the tweaks again :)22:16
warthog9Crofton|work: so you are saying "it mostly just works"? ;-)22:25
* warthog9 screenshots and saves for later ;-)22:25
Crofton|workneed to sort out booting and figure out why gqrx barfs22:25
Crofton|workthen tweak image and figure out what RFE to use22:25
warthog9yeah the booting stuff is obnoxious, mostly because the UEFI spec is kinda crazy on that front22:26
Crofton|workfirst time I have been even close to uefi shit22:27
Crofton|workhopefulyl get everything done next week and figure out how to display on table, make E312 run same thing and get toaster data set together22:28
Crofton|workafter all, this will be at a build system stand, not a cool gadget stand22:29
Crofton|workpeople are often confused :)22:29
warthog9Crofton|work: I thought all stands were cool gadget stands22:31
warthog9it's just the story you tell ABOUT the cool gadgets that's important ;-)22:31
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