Tuesday, 2016-01-12

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warthog9that's SCaLE and FOSDEM travel booked01:11
warthog9two more trips to book in the next couple of days01:11
Crofton|workwarthog9, do you want a copy of my sdr image for scale?01:17
warthog9Crofton|work: sure01:18
warthog9I'd need to get a radio01:18
Crofton|workrtl dongle01:19
Crofton|worksurely someone around there has one01:19
warthog9the RTL2832U ?01:19
Crofton|worksomething like that, checking now01:20
Crofton|workno stock01:21
warthog9"Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock."01:21
Crofton|worklet me check in #gnuradio01:21
warthog9if I order from http://www.rtl-sdr.com/buy-rtl-sdr-dvb-t-dongles/01:21
Crofton|work<mybit> amazon, but get the rtl-sdr.com blogs version01:22
Crofton|work<Math`> I've had quick speeds with nooelec, some of them are even available as "fulfilled by amazon" which means 1 day shipping01:22
warthog9there's a blogs version?01:23
Crofton|workI think they mean rtl-sdr site01:25
warthog9I think that's the one I linked to then01:26
* warthog9 goes to put it on the notification list01:26
warthog9Crofton|work: I'll keep an eye on it, see if I can snag one before SCaLE so I can show it off01:35
Crofton|workIt should be a fun minnow demo01:44
warthog9need to line up the demos for SCaLE01:45
warthog9grief, I need to get on that this week01:46
Crofton|workyeah, I need fosdem stuff01:47
Crofton|workneed to get a tie in to toaster01:47
warthog9yeah, I just pinged some folks for Embedded world01:47
k4jhwarthog9 I can send you an RTL dongle tomorrow, so you have some time to work with it before Scale.01:57
calculusI need some demos too for SCaLE, but for a different animal board02:30
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warthog9calculus: you COULD do them with our animal board18:22
warthog9calculus: to be fair ;-)18:22
warthog9k4jh: actually that might be awesome, and I can get it back to you at SCaLE18:23
k4jhsounds good, I forgot it at home, so unfortunately I won't be able to send it today, but definitely tomorrow (what I'll do is drop it off at FedEx tonight, it will go out tomorrow, just won't make it on time for the daily pickup)18:24
Crofton|workI need to send ka6sox some OpenEmbedded stickers18:32
ka6soxyes, pluze18:34
Crofton|workwhat day must they arrive at your location?18:34
Crofton|workI have like 250. Gives me some for FOSDEM and I hope florian has some18:35
Crofton|workok, I need minnow for dummies18:41
Crofton|workwhen I turn it onI end up at the shell prompt, but if I hit f2 I bypass this18:42
Crofton|workhow to automate this?18:42
warthog9Crofton|work: so it boots properly all the time?18:45
warthog9at the shell type `exit`18:45
warthog9that'll dump you into a firmware menu screen18:45
warthog9that at least "feels" like an old bios screen18:46
Crofton|workfixed already :)18:46
warthog9I'll shut up then ;-)18:46
Crofton|workOpenEmbedded splash screen does silly shit18:46
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Crofton|workseaking as an idiot19:12
Crofton|workif I dd the image off the usb dongle to an sd card, can I boot that in the turbot?19:13
Crofton|workI hav ean rtl dongle, a conenction to the flat panel and the USB meory and would like to get the files read from sd card so I do not need a hub19:13
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ka6soxCrofton|work, I leave next tuesday before the mail gets here.20:22
Crofton|workyou walking to SCALE?20:22
warthog9Crofton|work: did you use gpt or mbr?20:23
warthog9gpt is "special"20:24
Crofton|workI used mkefidisk to get usb stick, then copied usb stick on t sd card20:24
Crofton|workI need to go to the post office and send some stickers to ka6sox for SCALE20:24
Crofton|workI'll get image of usb thing uploaded tonight I hope20:25
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zentrumhmm, still need to write the emmc/sdio driver for minix321:09
zentrumits uncomfortable to write images always via usb dock to sata disk and so on...21:10
warthog9zentrum: I'm still impressed you've got minix3 working21:35
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