Thursday, 2016-01-14

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wmatwarthog9: make magzine highlighted the MAX as a good robotics platform (alongside BBB and Jetson TK1)03:26
wmatin the latest issue that is03:26
smurraywmat: they using a standalone motor controller?03:31
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warthog9wmat: yeah I need to go pick up a copy, just remembered today that was happening03:58
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honningkanonHas anyone tried installing windows server 2008/2012 on minnowboard max?08:21
honningkanoni know 8.1 and 10 i supported, but can't seem to google anyone who tried installing server versions08:22
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tbras long as the installer supports EFI, it might work08:41
honningkanonyeah, that's what i thought08:55
honningkanonjust seemed weird that i couldn't google anyone who actually tried it08:56
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holoplotHi all, I need some help setting up BIOS of minnowmax. I configure booting setup to boot from HD and set it on first position. Sometimes hard disk will not be recognized and BIOS configuration is reseted (Shell boot option comes to first place and ethernet options as second) and therefore it wont boot any more. Why is BIOS configuration reseted? how can I make that if HD is not recognized it automatically resets until HD is foun11:20
tbrthere is no BIOS on the max11:25
tbrunless you flashed some other boot loader11:25
tbras to your problem, make sure you run the latest firmware11:26
holoplotwell, I mean the boot options screen from firmware. I already have the latest one11:27
tbrpoke one of the intel slaves if it's a known bug then11:31
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zentrum.oO[ intel slaves ;) ]11:46
zentrumis the latest turbot stable so far? I mean are already issues known, which make a new revision necessary?11:47
jimt2just the FCC Class B emissions miss12:40
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wmatsmurray: i haven't read the article yet, just noticed it last night13:54
wmatcool, there's an article in Make about Bad Axe Tool Works for any other woodnerds out there14:04
wmatsmurray: the article is just a couple of paragraphs about the MAX, no mention of motor controllers14:07
smurraywmat: I guess they're focused on software then.14:12
wmatsmurray: it's just a high level "hey, these boards are good for robotics" page14:20
smurraywmat: they're not wrong, but mmax sure lacks some of the nice h/w add-ons that BBB and Pi have (that's a hint to Intel folks ;) )14:24
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wmatthat applies to all boards execpt BBB and RPi14:29
wmatand the availability of most BBB capes is suspect as well14:30
jimt2smurray are you looking for a (set of) lure(s) to do motion control?14:30
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smurrayjimt2: I'd be interested14:39
zentrumtill thinking about doing with a minnowboard14:39
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transponthello - anyone here running Windows on a Max or Turbot?15:16
zentrumhmm, do not know, I assume 99% of Max/Turbot users use an unix-like OS?15:17
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bcranI dunno about that: Microsoft have been supporting the boards rather well15:26
bcran - Windows 10 IoT Core for MinnowBoard MAX15:26
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transpontyep, IoT Core looks interesting though I'm planning to start with Windows 815:53
transpontbringing some previously Win32-based code over to run embedded.. guess I could use a WINE stack on *nix, but might as well use the real thing if it works15:54
transpontdo people tend to boot their systems off SATA, or is the SDHC with a good quality card in it fast enough?15:55
transpont(yes, I know if you run on the SDHC you have to stay within physical RAM, VM paging is going to be very bad news there, but that's fine...)15:56
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Croftonwarthog9, you see the link to an sdr image I pasted yesterday?17:18
warthog9Crofton: no, was stuck in a rather brutal all day meeting yesterday17:19
warthog9did my best not to gnaw my own leg off to escape17:19
prpplaguewarthog9: hey17:19
prpplaguewarthog9: don't forget to bring in the led banner17:20
prpplaguewarthog9: ya hear?17:20
warthog9prpplague: I'm grabbing it17:20
warthog9prpplague: hear what?17:20
* prpplague slaps warthog9 17:20
warthog9I probably deserve that17:20
prpplaguewarthog9: you have to say it with a southern accent "don't fourgat to brung in the EL EE DEEE bannnur, ya hair?"17:21
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calculusprpplague: I will be there too17:39
prpplaguecalculus: dandy!17:39
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